Baby cries in his sleep: what to do?

Published : 09-08-2018 14:31:34
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 Baby cries in his sleep: what to do?

Why do babies cry in their sleep? Seeing your child sleep peacefully is a scene that many parents cherish. On the one hand, this is because we all have the impression of standing next to a little angel, on the other, because you can finally enjoy some rest. So, what to do when this becomes unattainable and is replaced by the cries and tears of your baby? Rest assured! We are going to see in detail the reasons that prevent your baby from getting a good night's sleep!

The reasons that make your baby cry during sleep

There are several reasons that can cause your baby to cry while sleeping. Your child expresses, in this way, a discomfort or an anguish and expects you to reassure them before they gently fall asleep. Generally, the crying of a baby indicates that the baby is scared or anxious. It can either be night terror or a nightmare. Night terrors only occur in babies over 2 months old and intervene during the first part of the night. The baby cries and screams: it looks terrified. Yet, nothing abnormal! Your baby has just fallen asleep but they are not aware of the presence of their parents. They thus exteriorize the stress or fatigue of the day. It is important to avoid waking up the child or having a too reassuring attitude which would tend to have an opposite effect. Your baby will slowly learn how to control its fears and go back to sleep without the presence of mom and dad!

In the second case, when crying occurs later at night, then it can be a nightmare. They mostly occur between 12 and 18 months and are obviously more violent than night terrors. Here as well, no need to panic. This is essential in the development of your child. If they wake up, it's important to reassure them. But in the same way, avoid exaggerating this. The baby must learn to go back to sleep alone without systematically needing its parents! You can talk to them from another room and make them feel your presence. If the nightmare is too scary, visit the baby in its room but avoid too much physical contact. Even if it's difficult for you! One rule to live by: it is necessary to avoid that your child connects the fact of waking up to pleasant or positive consequences. They would then tend to wake up more and more often.

Other reasons may cause the baby to cry during sleep. They can also be hungry, suffering from poor digestion, cold or any kind of discomfort.

How to avoid crying: the importance of the bedtime routine

You certainly understand, when your baby cries at night, it is very difficult to reassure them without creating a dependence for them to go back to sleep. Therefore, it is extremely important to think ahead an act so that the baby can spend a good night. To do this, nothing is more effective than establishing a pleasant ritual to put them to bed! You need to create a rhythm that gradually causes the baby to calm down in order to avoid as much night terrors and nightmares as possible. For this reason, it is important to be regular and to put your child to bed every night at about the same time. Take advantage of this moment to establish a special moment with them. You can sing, tell a story or gently massage their stomach to avoid digestion problems. It must be made clear to your child that the night is a time when they must agree to get away from dad and mom to go to sleep.

Our tips for a good night's sleep!

 In addition to the bedtime routine, here are some tips to help your baby sleep tight:

  1. First, check up the room's temperature! It must be between 18 and 20 °C. To do this, you can use your REMI baby monitor to check temperature changes every night!
  2. It is important to remove dust. Open the windows every day for cleaner air.
  3. Use a suitable and firm mattress that supports the baby's back.
  4. Make sure your baby does not sweat too much. The fabric of the mattress should be adapted and it is important to avoid blankets, duvets and sheets for very young children. Use a onesie or a pretty baby's sleeping bag instead!
  5. Avoid too big or too many cuddly toys that can wake up the baby at night.
  6. Above all, don't wake up the baby at their first cry. It is possible that they're crying while they're still asleep. You can take a look at the room but that's it.
  7. Finally, if the baby is awake, you can comfort them quickly but avoid getting them out of the bed at all costs. Waking up at night should not be perceived as something positive or pleasant!

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