Tired babies: how to react well?

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Sleep is extremely important for babies and toddlers. To express their desire to rest, babies rub their eyes, yawn, cry. It's time for them to go to bed! Learning to quickly spot these “signs” will allow you to avoid sleep debt. Indeed, if a baby does not fall asleep at the right time, they will have to wait for the next sleep cycle, which usually arrives only an hour and a half later! So is your baby tired? Here's everything you need to know to help them regain their energy!

Recognise sleep signals

Fortunately baby sends us signs to let us know that they need a good night's sleep. These are usually easy to recognize, here is a non-exhaustive list to help you identify the most common ones:

Baby rubs their eyes

Baby rubbing their ears

Baby has dark circles under their eyes

Baby is in a bad mood

Baby is staring, almost absent

Baby yawns often

Baby is no longer interested in the world around them

Baby is very calm, they no longer makes any noise

Baby's head tilts right and left

Of course all babies are different. One of the signs listed above may not necessarily mean that your baby needs sleep. However, if your baby shows several of these sleep signals, a good sleep can only do good to them!

What to do when a baby is tired?

Pay attention to the schedule: does your child stay up late? Be careful, it is not because they are awake until late that they will fall asleep more easily. On the contrary ! When kids are too tired, they then find it even more difficult to fall asleep and their night can be disturbed. Also, make sure to establish a bedtime routine as early as possible after birth.

Importance of food:Let food be thy medicine" said Hippocrates. Make sure your child's meals are always balanced. To boost their body, consider preparing a freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast - a real source of vitality! At dinner, privilege a light meal which won’t interfere with the sleep quality. By making an effort to offer a balanced menu well and by putting them to bed at the right time, you will certainly reduce your baby's fatigue. And to help you easily establish an effective bedtime ritual, consider connected alarm clocks, such as REMI from Urban Hello. A smart device that puts your child in the best condition for a good night's sleep, thanks to its adjustable night light and lullabies that you can choose!

Pay attention to naps: Your baby is very young but they already have their own personality, and their own sleeping profile! Some are already real marmots while others have more insomniac tendencies. Try to follow their pace. If you see that your baby is sleepy, put them straight for a nap. Also, do not wake them up even when you think it's feed time!

Baby is tired more often: a frequent phenomenon in winter

The winter climate tends to strain children’s bodies even more. Between the cold, the bad weather and the lack of light, the body is indeed put to the test! Especially since winter is the season for tonsillitis, colds and other ear infections. For all these reasons, fatigue is often more frequent in winter. However, you can take action to turn the tide.

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