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That’s right! REMI can also tell stories whether to help your kid sleep or just to relax, discover our catalog in the REMI Store.

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Calm down before sleep:

Zenfie’s stories are designed to help children fall asleep in 10 minutes!

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Meditation Exercises :

At the beginning of each story, Zenfie’s stories offer meditation exercises to relax and loosen up.

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Topics encouraging child development :

Zenfie's stories deal with many topics to help your child grow up: whims and anger, fear of school, the arrival of a sibling, night terrors, enuresis...

Boite à Histoires REMI : Zenfie

Listen to Mr. ZOZO’s story!

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Discover the pack of storiesGudule” offered with every purchase made on our website.

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  • Plug REMI into your computer and download your favorite stories
  • Your child will be able to listen to their stories using the keyboard under REMI (this functionality can be deactivated)

Upon receipt, REMI already has a stock of music and lullabies!

REMI - Boite à histoires (0 à 10 ans)
Icone du réveil REMI - Babyphone

To be safe...

Icone du réveil REMI - Veilleuse
Night Light

To feel reassured...

Icone du réveil REMI - Musique

To fall asleep...

Icone du réveil REMI - Suivi Sommeil
Sleep Tracker

To be informed...

Icone du réveil REMI - Notifications

To stay attentive...

Icone du réveil REMI - Reveil Jour/Nuit
Ok to Wake

To become independent...

Icone du réveil REMI - Routine
Bedtime Routine

To adopt a healthy rhythm

Icone du réveil REMI - Berceuse
Night Light/Lullaby

To fall asleep...

Icone du réveil REMI - Suivi Sommeil
Sleep Tracker

To learn...

Icone du réveil REMI - Minuteurs
Nap Timer

For the day...

Icone du réveil REMI - Boite à histoires

To dream...

Icone du réveil REMI - Enceinte Bluetooth
Bluetooth Speaker

For the music...

Icone du réveil REMI - Talkie-Walkie

To have fun...

Icone du réveil REMI - Clavier
Autonomous Keyboard

For autonomy...

Icone du réveil REMI - Compagnon
Sleep Buddy

To grow...

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