White noise for baby : a scientific research !

Published : 11-09-2018 15:18:06
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 White noise for baby : a scientific research !

There are countless ways to lull baby to sleep. One of them, however, has taken center stage for some time now: white noise. From revolutionary teddy bears to YouTube videos, these background "noises" attract more and more parents looking for a solution to help their baby sleep through the night. So is it a truly magical solution or just a fashion fad? Let’s look into white noise for babies!

What is white noise?

White noise is just some background noise or sound which is supposed to help baby fall asleep. Well-known household appliances such as fans, hairdryers, or drying machines, produce white noise. Mother Nature is also a great fan of white noise with the sound of falling rain, or the sound of waves on the ocean. But how can babies be soothed in the midst of such a ruckus? 

These noises are supposed to be similar to those heard when they were still in their mother’s womb. More precisely, white noise helps creates a sound environment closer to that experienced in utero. Indeed, white noise is made up of frequencies that stimulate the activity of the inner ear. These help muffle the surrounding sounds and prevent the brain from recording other noises. Babies would thus be less likely to be awakened by other sounds in the house, such as the voice of guests or the phone falling on the wooden floor.

White noise for babies, does it really work?

Obviously all children are different, and what works for one may have a totally opposite effect on another. Yet research seems to acknowledge that a correlation can be made between white noise and baby’s sleep. In 1990, an English study called "White noise and sleep induction" concluded that out of 100 newborns, 80 fell asleep faster by listening to so-called white noise.

But the only way you can know for sure that it works with your little one is again to try! Don’t worry, you will not need to spend an hour vacuuming the house, or drying your hair all night, to lull your baby to sleep. On YouTube for example, you can find many videos that offer 5 or 7 full hours of uninterrupted white noise.

Small tip: You can download a soundtrack and play it directly on REMI! Baby will be soothed and what’s more, you’ll avoid electromagnetic waves!

Is it “good” for babies? 

Currently, researchers do not have enough hindsight to determine the possible negative effects that might emerge from the overuse of "white noise". Although "white noise" can have a very positive effect on baby's sleep, the best option would be for him/her to fall asleep on his/her own without any gimmicks.

A remedy to be used sparingly!

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