The best baby sleep apps : TOP 5

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Sleeping well is extremely important, especially for toddlers. Many applications are designed to help babies sleep. But how would you deal with all the features? We are back with the best apps for baby sleep.

Baby App: Baby Monitor

With Bipfun's Universal Baby Monitor app, you can turn your smartphone into an audio and video baby monitor! For that, you need to have two smartphones and a good Wifi connection. Leave one in the baby's room as a transmitter and take the other with you as a receiver. After downloading the app, you will be notified of the slightest noise with an audible or visual alert that you can configure as you wish. 

It’s an excellent app to monitor your baby during their nap for example.

Baby App: Lullaby / Night Light:

Bipfun has also created a Lullaby and Night Light app to help your toddler fall asleep. With many rhymes such as “By Night, in The Moonlight” or “Brother John”, you have many children's songs for your baby to sleep. You can even record your own voice. Plus, the app glows in the dark and gives off a soft, comforting light! Besides, you can program the app to start as soon as your baby moves about! 

The sound gradually decreases until the baby falls asleep. However, be careful not to overuse this feature. The app also works in airplane mode.

Baby App: Baby Relax

The Baby Relax app allows you to emit “white noise” to help the baby fall asleep. This “noise” creates a sound atmosphere similar to that experienced in utero and calms down the baby. In addition, it reduces surrounding sounds and reduces the risk of your newborn waking up. 

An excellent application to help your baby sleep soundly!

Baby App: Sleep Tracking

The quality of your baby’s sleep is so important to you that you absolutely want to know EVERYTHING? Check out the Sleep Tracking app to record your child's nights and evaluate their progress day after day. You can follow on different graphs the number of hours of sleep by month or week.

A good solution to better understand how your baby sleeps!

Baby App: Sleep Tracking

You are interested in all these features but you do not want to juggle between different applications? What if we told you that there is a smart alarm clock capable of meeting all these expectations and more!

Discover the OK to Wake clock REMI and its application to help you improve the quality of your baby's sleep! It is everything at the same time: a Baby Monitor, Night Light, Walkie-talkie and Sleep Tracker. REMI offers a multitude of features depending on the age of your child.

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