Baby does not want to sleep: what to do?

Published : 09-08-2018 12:12:19
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Baby does not want to sleep: what to do?

Sleep is one of the main concerns of parents. Yet your baby does not want to sleep! He cries, growls and kicks as soon as the word "sleep" is pronounced. Do not worry! These questions are recurrent and we will review in detail the reasons that may explain why your child is not sleeping properly.

Find yourself alone in your room, no longer see the reassuring presence of Dad and Mom ... It is quite normal that your baby does not want to close his eyes. From 3 months, your baby is supposed to sleep the whole nightlong. Indeed, with no longer need to eat, sleep periods should normally last from evening to morning. So why your baby does not want to sleep?

Understanding the baby sleep cycle

One of the major issues parents face is called "sleep debt". Indeed a 6-months baby is supposed to sleep between 10h and 12h per night, or a little less for some of them. Unrecovered hours eventually add up over the course of the day and turn into a significant lack of sleep. It often causes crying at bedtime but also nighttime awakenings. So it is important to understand that a baby who does not want to sleep can also be the first clue of a baby who cannot fall asleep! Your child lacks sleep, he refuses to fell asleep, and it is a real vicious circle that settles. To avoid "sleep debt", follow these 3 tips:

  • First, start by putting your baby to bed earlier. In order not to disturb the usual cycle, it is recommended to gradually bring forward the bedtime by ten minutes at most every day for a week. Of course it will be necessary to also bring forward the mealtime and the whole bedtime ritual.
  • Second, listen for baby signals! If he yawns or rubs his eyes, it's time to go to sleep. Indeed, it is likely that if a baby is currently refusing to sleep, it is because his time has already passed.
  • Third, try to gradually create a predictable structure during the day. It is important for the baby to gradually understand what are the hours of activity and the hours to rest. For a successful sleep parents must find the balance between the natural sleep cycle of their baby and what must be imposed.

Afraid of being alone

Your baby used to sleep properly until shortly, and suddenly refuses to sleep? It is possible that he is currently in a period called "regression". Behind this word lies an all-natural behavior due to periods of change or stress. As your baby grows up, he learns how to manage his biological clock and discovers the stress and anxiety of falling asleep alone. It is therefore normal that your little one has trouble leaving you at night. You will just need to grin and bear it, these periods never last very long. Here are some tips to better understand this kind of situation:

  • First, make sure not to associate your child's sleep with a third party element or event. Indeed it is important that baby learns to go back to sleep alone especially when he wakes up at night.
  • Second, if your child is crying before going to sleep or waking up at night, hug them for 2-3 minutes but no more. It is important to do this as often as necessary to reassure your baby and allow him to have a good night sleep. Keeping the hug on too long can cause the baby to consider bedtime as a distressing moment.
  • Third, it is important to have a bedtime ritual or routine to facilitate separation in a restful environment. Clean the baby's face and diaper, then spend a quiet moment with him: a story, sweet words or your mere presence may be enough!

Toothache and stomach pains

Finally one of the last reasons why your baby does not want to sleep migh be simply because he feels dental pain. Check if his cheeks are red, if he is drooling abnormally or if he has a tendency to chew on his surroundings. To alleviate his pain several solutions exist such as homeopathy or a gingival balm. If you do not have these products on hand, a massage and a hot bath can help your baby feel better! In the same way digestive pains can disturb him before bedtime. It is important to avoid snacking. Here too, a massage can be a lifesaver to help baby spend a pleasant night.

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