How to dress babies for a better sleep ? | Infographics

Published : 08-08-2018 14:39:14
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How to dress babies for a better sleep ? | Infographics

You want to make sure your baby gets the best possible night’s sleep but you’re not sure what should a baby wear at night? Choose sleepwear on the basis of temperature. Follow our advice to make the right choices, winter and summer alike!

What is the best sleepwear when it is cold?

To make sure your baby stays warm in bed, choose:

  • A long-sleeved bodysuit. The suit should cover baby’s tummy and arms. Bodysuits with a press-stud fastening are more practical than ones that tie at the tummy.
  • Cosy all-in-one sleepsuit. In winter, this is a better option than two-piece pyjamas, which tend to slip when baby moves around in bed.
  • A baby sleep bag. This is the ideal accessory for making sure your baby stays well covered. You could also replace it with a fleece oversuit if you prefer. These options keep babies cosy even if they move around a lot in their sleep.

Note. Even in winter, sheets and blankets are unnecessary. So there’s no need to buy any!

What should baby wear at night when it is hot?

When the temperature rises, take care not to overdress your baby. But you obviously won’t want to put them to bed with nothing on at all! So, opt for:

  • A short-sleeved bodysuit. This stop baby’s fragile skin rubbing against the fitted sheet.
  • A summer baby sleep bag. Lighter than the winter version, summer sleep bags can be made from organic or jersey cotton. They keep babies covered but stop them overheating.

Note: The temperature is above 26°C ? When it’s this hot, there’s no need for a sleep bag. A body suit and light pyjamas are enough. And when visiting a hot country, babies can be allowed to sleep in just their nappies if necessary. To help your baby sleep well, choose the right clothing. New technologies can also help babies get a better night’s sleep. Why not try Urban Hello’s REMI, for example, a connected Ok To Wake clock that helps kids get into a good sleep routine, from a very young age!

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