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Baby's sleep is very important, especially in the first months! We ask ourselves a whole bunch of questions: is the bed comfortable enough? Isn't it too hot? Isn't it too cold? The one thing you’d like to avoid is that your baby does not feel well in their room or that they catch a cold. However, one question comes up every night: how to dress my baby at night? To help you create the perfect environment, let's take a look at the different types of infant clothing according to the seasons.

Sleep well: a matter of temperature

For baby to fall asleep in perfect conditions, it is important to watch the temperature of the room. Contrary to what one might think, children prefer slightly cooler temperatures than adults, as long as they are well dressed! A room that is too hot will only prevent them from sleeping. In fact, your toddler fears the heat more than the cold! Be careful not to cover them too much.

The temperature of the baby's room should be between 16°C and 20°C. It is best to aim for 19°C if possible. To help you there are many thermometers to place in the baby's room. Some baby monitors offer a feature to notify you immediately as soon as the temperature in the room exceeds the recommendations of the IPAD, the Institute for the Prevention of Domestic Accidents.

How do I know if my baby is too hot or too cold at night?

The best way to track room temperature is with a thermometer. But every child is different and you might not have a thermometer handy! To check baby's temperature, place your hand under the nape of the neck, just above the back. If he sweats at the base of the neck, or if the area is slightly damp, he is too hot! On the other side, if their feet or hands are cold, if the belly area is also cold, it means that they needs more heat.

Finally, pay attention at their behaviour! If he's grumpy, crying, or too quiet, something might be wrong. It's up to you to regularly monitor the temperature of the room to make sure that baby sleeps well!

How to dress your baby for sleep ?

To know what should your child wear at night, it is important to take a quick look at the different types of baby clothing:

The Short-Sleeved Bodysuit:

The short-sleeved bodysuit is perfect when the temperature rises! It’s not a good idea leaving a baby completely naked. This light bodysuit is perfect to prevent baby's skin from rubbing against the fitted sheet.

The Long-Sleeved Bodysuit:

The long-sleeved bodysuit is preferable for lower temperatures. It must cover baby's belly and arms well! Little tips: privilege bodysuits that close with press studs, more practical and more comfortable than those that tie at the level of the belly.

One-piece warm pyjamas:

In winter, it's a better choice than two-piece pajamas, which tend to slip when the child moves in bed!

Winter sleep bag (or sleeping bag)

The sleeping bag is the perfect sleepwear when it's cold to keep baby warm during the night!

Sleeping bag with short sleeves

The short-sleeved sleeping bag is best when it's a little warmer, in autumn for instance.

The TOG value of the sleeping bag

To help you dress yourbaby at night, there is a mesure to help you - the TOG value. It indicates the thermal capacity of a sleeping bag! The value varies between 1 and 4 - a sleeping bag is considered light when it is around 1 and warm when it is above 2.5.

CAUTION : The TOG standard is determined in a laboratory according to very strict specifications! It is very difficult to determine the warmth of a sleeping bag only by touch. A padded sleeping bag may feel light to the touch but retain heat very well. It is therefore important to find out about the TOG value when buying a sleeping bag. It is usually indicated by the supplier on the label.

So, how to dress your baby at night?

To dress baby well at night, it is therefore important to follow a few rules:

Room Temperature : Accurately track the room’s temperature. The perfect temperature is 19°C !

Pay attention to the clothing’s layers : Adapt the number of layers of clothing according to the temperature of the room.

Baby is more sensitive to hot than to cold : It is easier for babies to fall asleep when it is a little cool.

In summer, ventilate the room in the morning and in the evening : During the summer, to keep the room cool, it is important to air the room early in the morning and in the evening, when the baby is in another room. Keep the shutters closed during the day if it’s too sunny. Finally, do not hesitate to exceptionally move your little one's crib if there is another room with a cooler temperature!

To help you choose the right outfit, here is a table listing the clothes to dress your baby at night depending on the temperature: 

Table of Baby Clothing: : 

How to dress your baby at night:
TemperatureSleeping BagTOG ValueClothes worn by baby
13°C - 16°CPadded sleeping bag3,5 TOGLong-sleeved bodysuit and thick pajamas
16°C - 18°CPadded sleeping bag2,5 TOGLong-sleeved bodysuit and pajamas
18° - 20°CPadded sleeping bag2,5 TOGShort-sleeved bodysuit and pajamas
20°C - 22°CLightweight sleeping bag1 TOGShort-sleeved bodysuit and pajamas
22°C - 24°CLightweight sleeping bag1 TOGShort Sleeve Baby One-Piece
24°C - 27°CLightweight sleeping bag0,5 TOGSleeveless bodysuit

Is it more than 26°? In this case, the sleeping bag is useless. A simple bodysuit and light pajamas are enough. And if you are staying in a hot country, you can let your child sleep in a diaper. Choosing the right clothing is part of improving your baby’s sleep. New technologies can also improve the quality of baby's sleep.

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