The best gestures to help baby sleep!

Published : 09-08-2018 14:52:28
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The best gestures to help baby sleep!

Baby's sleep is one of the main concerns of young parents. It is important to have a restful and good night's sleep, as much for Baby as for Mom and Dad! Although each child has different sleeping patterns, there are small, simple actions that can help your little one fall asleep a little more easily and comfortably. Here are 3 tips to help them nod off to dreamland.

Carrying Baby to soothe him/her

To put Baby to sleep, one of the most effective techniques is still that of "babywearing". To reproduce the in utero environment, you can carry Baby against you with a cloth or scarf. This closeness between your body and that of your child reminds him/her of the time when he/she was still in Mom's womb. Whether it's through sound, body heat or movement, Baby feels soothed and safe. The benefits of babywearing are numerous and well known. In addition to comforting your child, the upright position helps digestion and reduces colic. Finally, carrying Baby affects his/her heart rate which strongly induces sleep. In short, just a bunch of good reasons to "wear" Baby to help him/her fall asleep more easily.

Digestive massages

Generally, a baby cries at night because of feelings of discomfort or stress. In a large majority of cases, digestion is the source of the problem! Indeed, colic affects up to 20 % of infants. To help your baby cope better with these belly discomforts, there is nothing better than an belly massage. Put your child on his/her back and slowly move your hand gently clockwise just below the belly button. Repeat the procedure regularly for 5 to 10 minutes to soothe your child. Feel free to do preventive massages even if he/she shows no symptoms to help him/her have a good night's sleep!


Finally a child's need of sucking something is very important especially during the first 6 months. He/she needs to suck on anything and everything to calm down and comfort himself/herself. This is called non-nutritive sucking. In addition, sucking allows him/her to work the bones at the base of the skull and relax the tension accumulated during the day. A pacifier, a thumb, or your breast if you are breastfeeding, can be a lifesaver for a sweet and relaxing night.

Gestes pour endormir bébé

BONUS: Foot reflexology.

If massages tend to work well to soothe Baby, you may want to try out foot reflexology! While Mom or Dad holds Baby in his/her arms, the other can gently grab a foot and start massaging the arch. You have to be very gentle and apply very little pressure. To help Baby fall asleep, spend quite a long time on the big toe. Gently grab it and draw its outline gently by holding it between your thumb and forefinger, then continue toward the center of the toe. Repeat the sequence on the other foot and that's all there is to it! 

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