How to wake up your child gently?

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Taking the time to wake up gently is a real pleasure! Follow our advice to help make sure your child wakes up in a good mood every morning… ready to make the best of the day ahead!

An ideal environment to wake up gently

Children’s sleep quality is very important. But so too is the way they wake up! Rushing them whenever their feet hit the floor can soon put them in a bad mood, which might then last for the rest of the day! The first thing you should do is open the shutters and curtains, so it’s less dark in the room.

Children naturally associate daylight with waking up and night-time darkness with going to sleep. Another idea is to play your child’s favourite song! There’s nothing better for getting them out of bed on the right side! New generation alarm clock like Urban Hello’s REMI can be set to automatically play the tune at wake-up time. Pretty clever!

Cuddles: yes. Television: beware!

The alarm clock has gone off? It’s the ideal time for cuddles with your child. Take them in your arms for a few moments and share the first minutes of the day together. A great way to get the morning off to a happy, relaxed start! Do you tend to leave your child in front of the television in the morning? Beware! It’s not an ideal way of helping them wake up properly or putting them in a good mood. Your child will tend to continue to remain half-asleep in front of the screen. It will then be even more difficult to pull them away and get them ready for school!

These tips should help you wake your child up gently. And to give them plenty energy for the day ahead, prepare them a healthy, tasty breakfast! The delicious smell of toast or hot milk can help tempt kids out of bed too!

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