Back to school: how to pick up the pace ?

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That's it, the summer vacation is over. No more evening gatherings with friends and late mornings with family. It's time to get back to school! It’s not easy for our little ones, and we understand them! Here are our tips for getting September off to a good start!

Sleep goal: go to bed by 9 PM.

Going back to school inevitably implies waking-up early in the morning. During our holidays, late parties and outings have gradually shifted our biological rhythm. Without noticing it, bedtime has gone from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. / 10:30 p.m., or even 11 p.m. for the little ones. And the same goes for getting up! You must therefore help your kid to establish the right habits.

For an optimal transition, it is necessary to start going to bed earlier 9 to 15 days before the beginning of the school year ”, recommend specialists. Start by putting your kid 15 minutes earlier every night until you reach the time you want your child to sleep. That period of 9 to 15 days also makes it possible to prevent a possible sleep debt due to rhythm established during the holidays. It is also time to resume the bedtime ritual and to enjoy quieter moments with your child.

Pick up the pace: our tips

Bring forward meal times: to pick up the school pace, the course of the day must be brought forward. Breakfast and supper time should be advanced in the same way as bedtime. Again it is important to go there gradually so that the transition is not too hard.

Exercise: If you see that your child is having trouble falling asleep at night, the magic trick is sport! Physical activity in the morning or in the afternoon can help them fall asleep more easily in the evening. Be careful not to exercise too late in the day, which could be exciting for your child and have the opposite effect. Finally, sunlight helps balance our melatonin levels - the sleep hormone.That’s a good reason to enjoy the last sun rays of August!

Avoid Screens : screens are absolutely to be avoided before bedtime. The luminosity of the screen prevent the secretion of melatonin and your little one has trouble falling a sleep. So 2 hours before bedtime we need to avoid TV, computers, tablets and smartphones!

Breakfast : What better way to motivate your child to get back on track than a good family breakfast in the morning? When we sleep in, we tend to skip this step which is so essential to start the day. In addition to boosting our energy levels, it is a great way to spend some quality time with the family!

Signs of fatigue : Take advantage of this period to teach your kid to recognize the signs of fatigue and the importance of sleep! A healthy sleep contributes significantly to be in great shape the next day! To help your kid notice the signs of fatigue, ask them to point out to you when they yawn, when they rub their eyes or when their body temperature drops. This also helps the older ones to develop their autonomy!

Back to school with Zero Stress

For your little ones, going back to school can also be a source of stress. Especially in this special period and all the hygiene rules! To help your kid not to worry too much, it is important to let them take part in part of the preparation for school. Let them choose their backpack, pencil case and the other school supplies to make the vacation / school transition easier and more pleasant.

Finally, focus on discussion! Without overdoing it, listen to your kid. Recurring nightmares, difficulties falling asleep, a moody attitude may indicate that some talk and big hugs are needed. Finally, it may be useful to take a break during the first few days of the start of the school year to be fully available and accompany your kid on the way to school!

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