Fairy tales before going to sleep: for or against?

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Are you reluctant to read your kids fairy tales at bedtime in case they are frightened by certain parts or scared of the “baddies”? Don’t worry. In fact, fairy tales help them develop and grow.

Today’s kids still love fairy tales

Children often have their first introduction to fairy tales through Walt Disney films. One of the most recent hits – Frozen – is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s 19th century fairy tale, the Snow Queen. The film attracted more than 5 million cinema-goers in France. That’s a lot of kids! And although the original tale had been modernised and updated, with a few touches of humour and (especially) its music, the film’s real strength remained the story.

When kids escape reality and enter the realms of the imaginary…

Because fairy tales start with the magical words “Once upon a time…”, it’s easy for kids to understand that they are leaving reality behind and entering the world of the imaginary. Anything is possible: flying, being turned into a frog… or a prince! And because they have a happy ending, fairy tales give children a message of hope and confidence, which helps them grow.

To help them cope with childhood problems

The heroes and heroines in fairy tales often have the same fears and questions as kids. For example, Tom Thumb is afraid of separation and being abandoned, while Cinderella has to deal with the problem of sibling rivalry. Fairy tales help kids cope better with the psychological problems that are part of their everyday life, thereby helping them to grow and develop.

They may be a little frightening sometimes, but fairy tales help children understand that things get better after the fear. They teach children to have hope when faced with difficulties in life. So why let them miss out?

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