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About us

At UrbanHello, we are happy parents of 2, and this might have driven our will to create a start-up in which we could invent the everyday objects that we need for our family.

We founded UrbanHello in January 2012, in Paris, France, and first designed the Home Phone, a smart high definition landline phone, with an automatic switch to a 360 handsfree mode, because we needed to be able to talk easily with the grand parents while feeding or cooking for our kids.

We were very proud to win a prestigious CES Innovation Award in Las Vegas in 2013 for this Home Phone, as well as some other design awards!

Our second product is REMI, a 100% customizable baby monitor, alarm clock and music player for kids, specifically designed to help parents to monitor and improve their baby’s sleep, and young kids to settle healthy bedtime and morning routines.

And this is just the beginning of UrbanHello’s story, since we are eager to keep on creating family things in the future!

About the founders

Hervé Artus, after training as an engineer at l’Institut d’Optique Graduate School, has acquired over 10 years' experience in the home telephony market and connected objects as a Development Engineer and Product Manager for SAGEM, Inventel and Technicolor, three major players in internet access, telephony and connected devices.

Catherine Seys, engineer from Mines de Paris, has more than 10 years' experience as a Strategy Consultant.