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CES 2013 award

Étoile de l'Observeur du design 2014

''A product at the leading edge of the very telephony revolution'' - IEEE Spectrum

''Gizmag's CES team report being impressed by the sound quality of the 360-degree loudspeaker'' - Gizmag

''A device that plugs into a landline doesn't sound very sexy, but Urban Hello's sleek phone could change your mind'' - Ces.cnet

''Yesterday kicked off the press events at the big Consumer Electronics Show [...] and oddly enough, one of the items that's really sticking with me the day after is a phone. A regular old landline phone. Only there's nothing regular or old about it'' - Coolmomtech

''Urban Hello introduces bizarrely attractive home phone via Kickstarter, we go eyes-on. [...]. The HD voice device is more than looks, though, featuring two OLED screens built into a minimalist aesthetic, intended to simplify the home phone experience'' - Engadget

UrbanHello is the new signature of a range of smart products.

UrbanHello re-creates the everyday objects that surround us by bringing them back to their very nature and designing them to fulfill their essential purpose.