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REMI - The New Child Sleep
Helping you create
the best bedtime and naptime routine
for you and your child.

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Sleep trainer for children
Sleep trainer for children Nap buddy for children

Customizable Bedtime Routine

Create your baby’s customized bedtime and nap time routine through alerts, lighting, music and more.

Sleep trainer for children easy settings Sleep trainer for children - easy customization

Customizable Time and Display

You can customize REMI’s display. Even let your child use the app to learn how to manage their bedtime routine.

Night light for children Lullaby for children

Friendly Reminders

Make your baby comfortable at night with the adjustable nightlight, or even play your baby’s favorite lullaby!

Sound sleep tracker and diary sleep diary - sleep tracker

Baby Sleep Diary

Track the sound of your child's nights, create and maintain a diary on your app to help you identify what conditions are ideal to foster your baby’s sleep routine.

Sound sleep tracker and diary babyphone sleep monitor


Use REMI to listen to your baby or talk to you child and let them know it’s time to turn off the lights or get out of bed in the morning.

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Share tips

Share your most useful tips and strategies for creating healthy bedtime routines for your children with your friends.

Bluetooth - No wifi - safe technology children baby monitor babyphoneBluetooth - No wifi - safe technology children baby monitor babyphone

Bluetooth Connectivity

REMI connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. This also enables you to play your child's favorite songs through the Bluetooth Speaker.

REMI is useful for children ages 0-10;
it evolves and adjusts bedtime strategies as your child grows!