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REMI is being shipped

Dear Indiegogo backers,

The first REMIs have been received and installed. Some of you experienced connection instability, as it is often the case when a new service starts : we are working on it in order to stabilize the service as soon as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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WARNING - Please make sure you don't leave your REMI powered on with its fixed display (0066, 0067 or 0069) until you can get the application. This could damage its display


Videos tutorials

In order to help you discover REMI’s features, you can refer to our videos.

After-sales Service

If you have a recurrent problem with your REMI's installation don not hesitate to contact our After-sales service

Frequently Asked Questions

Is REMI easy to install?
- Yes, you just have to download the application on your smartphone and to follow the instructions. If you want more details, you can watch our tutorial video.

Can I shut down the WIFI on my REMI?
- Yes, you can shut down the WIFI during the night using the bedtime schedule. REMI will still record the information about the bedroom environment and will synchronize the records in the morning.

Can I pair several devices to the same REMI?
- Yes, that’s possible. If you want more details, you can watch our tutorial video.

How can I transfer Music on REMI?
- Just plug REMI to your computer and use it as a USB key. You can transfer your mp3 audio files in the “My MP3 Music” file you will find in REMI. If you want more details, you can watch our tutorial video.

Where is my data stored? Who can access it?
- Your short term data is stored in within REMI and in the mobile app. Your data history is stored in a secured cloud and only you can access it through your user account.

Can I adjust REMI’s display remotely?
- Yes, you can adjust the display remotely using the app on your smartphone (in the settings). If you want more details, you can watch our tutorial video.

How can I add a music to an event?
- Click on the Bedtime icon in the app, and after clicking on + to create an event, you just have to click on music and choose the song you want. You can refer to our tutorial video about the Bedtime if you want more details.

Can I choose the App language?
- The language is automatically set with the settings of your device.

How is sleep recorded during the night?
- REMI monitors sound and temperature in the room all night long. Indeed when a baby wakes up during the night, he/she makes noise. REMI allows to assess the sleep progress of the child or to observe any recurring problem.

How can I use the records?
- The records are stored in REMI and you can see it with graphs by clicking on the sleep tracker icon in the app. You can also compare the different graphs thanks to the history in the application.

Is it possible to have the same REMI for two children?
- Yes, you can; nonetheless, there will be just one graph for the two children. Otherwise, you can create different events for the two children if you want.

Can I control REMI and listen to my child from anywhere thanks to the application?
- Yes, that’s possible as long as you have an Internet connection.

What is the communication range of REMI?
- You can listen to your child from anywhere in the world thanks to the application.

Does REMI ever get hot or heat up?
- No, REMI is quite large for a Bluetooth device and stays cool.

Can I adjust the expression of REMI’s face?
- Yes, these expressions can be adjusted real time through the app or scheduled through the app with the events creation. When you create a new event, you can click on Face and select the expression. You can also modify manually the expression with the app. You can refer to our tutorial video if you want more details.

What is the memory storage of REMI?
- REMI’s memory is 1 GB.

Is REMI battery-operated ?
- No, you have to plug REMI to the power supply.