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Blue REMI - Ok to Wake Clock

Spend sweet nights with REMI - your kids Ok to Wake alarm clock and Baby Monitor. Thanks to its iOS and Android smartphone app, monitor and improve the sleep of your child. From 0 to 10 years old.

  • Ok to Wake Clock
  • Baby Monitors
  • Night Light
  • Wake up/ Bed time indicator
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Bluetooth Speaker
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Ok to Wake Clock

With its face, REMI tells young children when it's time to get up or go to bed.


Sleep monitor

REMI keeps track of your kid's sleep profile and gives you tips on how to improve it!


Night Light

To reassure your baby and put them in proper conditions to good sleep


Bluetooth Speaker

REMI also serves as a Bluetooth speaker to play music.


Baby Monitors

Listen baby, wherever you are, even on the other side of the world!


Bedtime stories

REMI helps your kid fall asleep by telling them stories written by our partners !

Approuved by :

  • Fonctionnalités : Babyphone, tracker de sommeil, veilleuse, coach du sommeil (programmation de levers/couchers hebdomadaires), gestion des siestes, musique mp3 embarquée, haut-parleur bluetooth, réveil.
  • Service Supplémentaire : Analyse du sommeil et contenu d’éveil / éducatif
  • Bouton de réglage sous REMI (Volume, sieste, musique, veilleuse, bluetooth)
  • Capteurs : Microphone haute sensibilité, capteur de température ambiante, capteur de lumière
  • Connection : WiFi, Bluetooth + BLE (Bluetooth 4.0), USB
  • Application iOS 8.3 ou plus et Android 4.4 et plus
  • Dimensions : 143x111X65 (HxBxD)
  • Poids : Environ 0,55lbs soit 250g
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Questions ?

Yes, it is possible to have several REMI on the same application. Once the first REMI installed click on the "+" (sign "plus") at the top left of the central page of the REMI application. Power on your new REMI, and click on "Start Association" within 5 minutes of starting REMI. Then follow the instructions of the application.