REMI vs. Hatch REST+ and the others

Find the best ok to wake clock for kids !

It could be difficult to choose the perfect ok to wake alarm clock for your kid. If you feel confused by all the available features, here’s a table comparing REMI to other alarm clock !

  1. Pricing :
  2. Ok to Wake Clock
  3. Ok to Wake clock
  4. Sleep Buddy (Sleeping and Awake Face)
  5. Smartphone Noise Notifications
  6. Bedtime Routine Full week schedule customization
  7. Time display on a dial with hands
  8. Health
  9. Night Sleep Monitoring
  10. Room Temperature Monitoring
  11. Room Light Monitoring
  12. WiFi On/Off Week Scheduling
  13. Well-Being
  14. Night Light
  15. Customizable Night Light Color
  16. Uploading personal mp3 music and stories
  17. Music and Story Library
  18. Sound Machine (White Noise etc…)
  19. Fonctionnalities
  20. Bluetooth speaker
  21. Play music button for autonomous use
  22. Baby Monitor from outside (trough internet)
  23. Baby Monitor from Home WiFi Only
  24. Talkie-Walkie
  25. Nap Timer
  26. Clock Night Display
  27. Technology
  28. WiFi Connected Clock
  29. Android and iOS app
  30. Alexa compatibility
  31. Battery powered
  32. Mains power supply
  33. Pricing :

Our Tips and Tricks

Choose the right ok to wake clock for your child!

Choosing the best alarm clock for your kid is, above all, choosing the features that suit best their age. Depending on their needs, you can go for a different product. Between 2 and 5 years old, having an Ok to Wake alarm clock can be perfect to help kids gain independence. Extra features like night light and bedtime music can also help your kid sleep better. Later, it can be interesting to have an alarm clock that actually indicates the time (with a digital display or an analog one). Some additional functionalities (choice of ringtones, Bluetooth speaker, autonomous keyboard) may extend the lifetime of the alarm clock to suit your older kids (up to 10 years old).