What’s new on REMI in April ?

Published : 08-08-2018 12:52:35
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What’s new on REMI in April ?

What’s new on REMI in April ?

Thanks to our users feedback, REMI’s app is improving and new features are now available ! To help you know better what changed, follow our guide !

01 – NEW : Sleep score calculation

First new feature is about the sleep tracking : once your app is updated, you will directly access to this new feature.REMI-mise-a-jour 1. Sleep tracker improvement : on your child’s sleep record, you will find 2 new symbols: a sleeping REMI and a wake-up REMI. These allow you to visualize the time when bedtime and wakeup times were scheduled, to compare with the actual curve of your child.2. Sleep score calculation :a second block now displays the sleep score of your child. This score, between 1 and 100, represents your child sleep quality over night. It is calculated depending on how many times your child woke up during the night, and compared to what you had scheduled. This will allow you to have a better sensé of your child’s sleep évolution over time. Reminder : You can select the night you want to see thanks to the drop down menu that appears at the top right !  

02 – NEW : Nap feature is available !

The new feature allowing you to schedule timers for nap times is now available. We also improved the bedtime / wakeup évents and you now have even more flexibility on the évents you schedule. To go to the timer function, please click on the « timer » button on top of your screen in the Bedtime section :01. REMI’s face :you can now associate one REMI’s face to each wakeup time and each timer! You just need to click on the parameters of your wakeup évent/ timer to choose whatever face is the best for your child.02. Nightlight brightness :you can tune the nightlight brightness during the nap time or during the night, and adapt REMI to your child’s needs !03. Other : you can also name your timer, give it a music, desactivate the wifi connexion during the nap or desactivate the « play » button to make sure your child is not playing music instead of sleeping. You can also select a timer directly on REMI, without using the app, once you have setup your timers. Just press the « timer » button located at REMi’s bottom: one click for the first timer you set up, 2 clicks for the second timer, and so on ! REMI - Button

03 – NEW : Pre-recorded musics and sounds

We had a lot of feedback asking for pre-recorded sounds and music: they are availbale now! Those who do not have access to a computer to add their favourite songs can now enjoy a selection of musics and sounds directly on REMI !Application REMI - Musique   01. Wake up sounds and musics : we selected 7 sounds and musics for the morning or nap wakeup. Go and discover them ! 02. Sleep sounds and musics :  to help your child go to sleep, we selected 6 relaxing sounds and musics. Go and discover them !

Lots of new features to come !

Thanks for choosing REMI !


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