Babysitter: how to organize bedtime?

Published : 08-08-2018 16:24:59
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Babysitter: how to organize bedtime?

Are you planning to use a babysitter? Here are a few tips to help you choose one and prepare them properly for your child’s bedtime routine.

Finding the right babysitter

Is this the first time you’ve left your kids in a babysitter’s care? The job requires patience, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility. One of the main points is obviously to make sure that your babysitter really likes kids. Make sure that he or she is used to spending time with children. If they have not yet got any experience, ask if they have little brothers or sisters or cousins of their own that they are used to looking after. This will give you peace of mind!

Have them arrive a little early to give them time to get to know your home and kids

You’ve found the ideal babysitter for your needs? If possible, have him/her arrive half an hour before you plan to go out. Take them on a guided tour of the house, pointing out any hazards (electric sockets, windows to be kept shut, sharp table corners, etc.). Warn them to be particularly careful of these dangers while looking after your children. After that, carefully explain what they are to do: meal, toothbrushing, bedtime, access to the TV or otherwise.

Bedtime routine and babysitting

Establishing a bedtime routine is very important. Children like to do the same things and hear the same bedtime stories each night. It makes them feel safe. They know what’s going to happen next, which reassures them. When you’re not there to oversee bedtime, the child’s regular routine should start at the same time and proceed in exactly the same way. Explain to the babysitter how important it is to stick to the routine. Want to help your kids get a good night’s sleep, even when you’re not there? UrbanHello's REMI is a smart bedside clock with a whole host of features to help you establish a bedtime routine. A clever, reassuring little device for children from 0 to 10 years!

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