Two children in the same room: tips and tricks!

Published : 08-08-2018 14:44:03
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 Two children in the same room: tips and tricks!

It’s not always easy to get children to sleep well when two of them are sharing the same bedroom! We share a few tips to make things easier and ensure peaceful nights!

Prepare your older child before the new arrival

Are you expecting a new addition to the family? Do you plan to have the new baby share a bedroom with his or her big brother or sister? To make this change as easy as possible for the older sibling, you need to prepare him or her in advance, before the new baby is even born. This helps prevent older children from seeing the newcomer as an intruder, or even an invader! It’s particularly important to get them involved in choosing a cuddly toy for the new baby or items to decorate the area around his/her cot.

How to make it easier for them to sleep

If you decide to have two children share a bedroom, wait until the youngest one sleeps through the night before you put them in together. That will limit the risks of the older child being woken up. It is better to keep the baby’s cot in your own bedroom for the first few months. Once they are older, children who share a room may want to play together rather than sleep at bedtime! And even when they are tired, they can keep going for a long time. To avoid this problem, you could try putting the younger one to bed half an hour earlier. If the two children are close in ages put the one that sleeps the most soundly to bed first. Another idea is to put the youngest one down to sleep in your own bed before moving him or her to the shared bedroom once he or she is asleep. Whatever your children’s ages, establishing a bedtime routine helps them fall asleep more easily and improves the quality of their sleep. And new technologies can be a great help! With UrbanHello's REMI, you are providing your children with the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, thanks to its numerous features, including an adjustable night light and an option to play lullabies of your own choice!

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