Hosting a sleepover for your child’s best friend

Published : 08-08-2018 14:41:31
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Hosting a sleepover for your child’s best friend

Did your child invite his/ her friend for a sleepover? Great! But now what? You want to be sure you do not forget anything. Follow our tips for getting ready for D-Day.

Suggest that they share the same room

When a friend sleeps at home, it's always a big event for your child. It is an opportunity to laugh, chat and have a lot of fun! To make the night even more special, suggest to your child that they both sleep in the same room. The children will tell each other their little secrets away from adults. Discuss this in advance with your child so that they will feel reassured when the time comes.

Tidy up the child’s room in advance

What's more enjoyable than having fun together while tidying up the room and prepare it for the sleepover? Put your child to work and encourage them to tidy up their own room! Start by showing your little one where to put his different toys. In order to show support and to motivate your child, give them the choice: do they prefer store cars or stuffed animals first? If you feel that it is difficult after a few minutes, offer your help.

Bedding solutions for your guest

Is your child's room equipped with only one bed? Do not worry, different alternative options are available! The trundle bed or drawer, for instance, is a very practical solution. It slips under the bed and takes up very little space. If you make this choice, simply check beforehand that you have enough room to open it when needed. Just as clever is the foldable mattress. A little bulkier than the trundle bed, it allows the child to sit comfortably to read. Finally, think about the inflatable mattress or a folding bed, if you have the ability to store these items in a storage room! Tip : the morning after the sleepover, the little ones may tend to get up earlier because of the excitement... in this case, REMI the Ok To Wake clock proves to be a good ally for parents - it indicates to children when it is time to get up!

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