Gift ideas: 5 high tech toys for kids!

Published : 08-08-2018 16:37:44
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Gift ideas: 5 high tech toys for kids!

Are you a fan of new technologies? Pass on your enthusiasm to your kids these five high-tech gift ideas this year.

The Clementoni interactive globe

Help your children learn about the world’s geography while they have fun. This interactive globe with stylus provides a wealth of information about different countries and their histories. Play the quiz with them to find the answers to 500 questions together!

Their very first “Smartphone”

Give your kids aV tech Digigoso they can play at being a grown-up. A toy inspired by smartphones, this XL-format tactile phone is very easy to use. It works using wi-fi so your kids can communicate with friends and family in complete security. It also has a camera function and plays music.

The Kidizoom – Kid Connect camera

With this camera specially designed for kids, your children can have fun taking photos and videos, and much more besides! They can also play around with special effects or distort the sound of their voice. Kidizoom camera can store up to 1000 photos!/p>

The Octopus by Joy connected watch

Independence, responsibility and self-confidence… the Octopus by Joywatch offers a whole host of innovative features to help kids learn to tell the time and get into good habits, thanks to its ingenious system of symbols and rewards.

The MIP Silverlit connected robot

Ideal for kids who love robots, the MIP Silverlit model is very stable and easy to control just by using hand movements. It has lots of different sound and light effects. And an Android/IOS app can be used to expand the robot’s capacities and increase its interactivity. Another great gift idea is a REMI connected alarm clock made by Urban Hello! It’s the perfect accessory to help regulate your child’s sleep patterns that will quickly become their essential sleep companion!

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