The best films to watch with the family during the holidays

Published : 08-08-2018 12:23:02
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The best films to watch with the family during the holidays

Christmas is coming… the ideal opportunity to share some special moments together. We’ve selected 3 films for you to watch with the family during the holidays. Timeless classics to be enjoyed again and again.

Home Alone

The McCallister clan flies off to Paris for the Christmas vacation. But on arrival, they discover that they’ve left their youngest son, 8-year-old Kevin, behind. To begin with, Kevin relishes being home alone without his brothers and sisters. But two would-be burglars are planning to break into the family home on Christmas Eve. It’s up to Kevin to stop them and protect the property. A comedy hit, full of laughs, in which Macaulay Culkin is at his very best.

The Santa Clause

Scott Calvin is a thirty-something divorced father who sadly doesn’t get to see his son, Charlie, as often as he would like. But one day, he witnesses an accident, in which the victim is no other than Father Christmas. Scott agrees to step in as his temporary replacement. He then learns from an elf that he has been appointed the official new Santa Claus! A fun film with the obligatory happy ending!

Shrek the Halls

Donkey, Princess Fiona and all their friends are getting ready to celebrate Christmas together around the tree. But the bad news is that Shrek has made no preparations at all. Because ogres don’t celebrate Christmas…

Enjoy rediscovering Shrek and his band in this short, fun-filled 20-minute film. Re-immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the unique Shrek saga. Enjoy one of these great Christmas classics again this festive period! Get the popcorn ready for family movie night!

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