Quizz - Discover your child's Chronotype !

Published : 07-07-2020 10:57:11
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 Quizz - Discover your child's Chronotype !

Does your child sleep like a lion or a bear? This question may seem strange to you, but perhaps the solution for a balanced and healthy child lies behind it. From an early age, each child has their unique sleep profile and there is a clear distinction between early risers and late-night sleepers.

What is the chronotype?

At the age between 3 and 5, the sleep-wake rhythm gradually adapts to that of the sun. However, our internal biological clock only rarely sticks perfectly to this 24-hour system. Two individuals can thus have a completely different rhythm of life. And believe me, some profiles can emerge very early! These sleep profiles are called “chronotypes” and by knowing the specifics of your chronotype, you can optimally plan your day. Do you want to know your child's? Take our test and find out how to adapt their daily routine to your needs!

What will this test bring me?

Learn to know your child's sleep better in 14 questions

Take advantage of personalized advice according to your child's profile

Receive a summary sheet as well as a agenda !

Take the test ! (14 Questions)

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