The perfect breakfast for children!

Published : 08-08-2018 16:33:08
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The perfect breakfast for children!

Never let your kids miss their breakfast! Skipping this important meal can lead to significant deficiencies in essential nutrients. This is a real problem that can have an impact on their growth and health.

A risk of deficiencies in essential nutrients

Skipping breakfast is a bad habit that’s particularly harmful to kids, as confirmed by a study published by King’s College London this year. 31.5% of children who skip breakfast don’t even reach the lowest recommended iron intake. What’s more, these kids don’t get enough calcium, iodine or folate, the latter being crucial for the development of genetic material.

Too many kids are skipping breakfast!

The study showed that 6.5 per cent of 4-10 year olds missed breakfast every day. And in 11 to 18 year-olds, the figure rises to 27%! So far too many children and teenagers are skipping this important meal completely. As a parent, you can help. To tempt your little one’s taste buds in the morning, offer a balanced, nutritional breakfast. The meal should include a drink to rehydrate, a dairy product to provide calcium and protein, a cereal product, a little fat and fruit or fruit juice. You could also offer cheese, eggs or a slice of ham if your child prefers savoury foods! And, if kids aren’t hungry in the morning, maybe their evening meal was too heavy or contained too much protein, which is difficult to digest before going to sleep.

Skipping breakfast really is a very bad idea! Make this meal a moment to be shared and set a good example, offering a variety of foods that will give your kids the energy they need until lunchtime!

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