Connected night light for baby: good or bad idea?

Published : 08-08-2018 12:01:33
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Connected night light for baby: good or bad idea?

Are you considering a night light for your baby? Below we answer a few questions you might be asking yourself.

What’s the point of a baby night light?

A baby night light is a small appliance that gives off a soft light to reassure your child at night. It helps them drift off to sleep peacefully. And if they wake up during the night, a night light helps them make out their environment and the things in their room more clearly.

Night light or conventional lighting?

A night light is more appropriate at baby’s bedtime because it soothes without making the room too bright. Your little one is asking for a brighter light? If you want, you could also install a dimmer system and gradually reduce the brightness of the light over time.

Baby night lights and eyesight problems

Contrary to popular belief, baby night lights do not damage eyesight. It’s true that an American study published in 1999 revealed a link between being short-sighted and having used a night light as a child. But since then, the authors have changed their minds and gone back on their conclusions. Other, more recent studies have shown that there is no link between night lights and short sightedness. So you can use a baby night light without having to worry.

What’s the point of a smart night light?

Over time, night lights have constantly evolved, leading to the emergence of smart models. For example, REMI from Urban Hello allows you to track your child’s nights and analyse sleep patterns, recording night-time awakenings along with sounds in the bedroom. This makes it easier to identify any sleep problems, but also to understand why your child is suddenly tired, or, on the contrary, full of beans! Safe and practical, your baby night light will soon become indispensable.

The good news is that it’s also an attractive designer object that will fit harmoniously into any child’s bedroom, whatever its style!

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