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Frequently asked questions

1. How to connect my handset to my landline?
Unplug your existing phone from your landline, plug the Home Phone connector instead, and plug your previous phone into the Home Phone connector. You can also, in Europ, connect it directly in radio to your existing landline base station just by pressing the pairing button on your base station and on the Home Phone.
2. I don't have any existing landline phone yet?
You have to check with your landline operator what your number is, and how to activate your line.
3. Why does the Home Phone has a 360° audio grill?
Because the audio of the Home Phone is not directive. This grill will let the sound be spread in all directions
4. Where is the microphone?
The microphone is located just behind the loudspeaker grill, under the front button of the handset.
5. How can I switch to handsfree mode?
2 ways : automatic or manual Automatic, just put the phone on a table during your conversation Manual, when you want to force the handsfree mode while holding it in your hand, just press the dedicated loudspeaker button on the keypad
6. How do I charge the batteries of my Home Phone?
Just put it on its base station.
7. How can I replace the batteries of the Home Phone?
You don't need to replace the batteries of your Home Phone before at least 5 years. However, after that time, if the autonomy of your Home Phone has decreased, you will follow the instructions in the manual to easily change the standard AAA batteries of your home phone.