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The first phone to be designed for the household with a 360° loudspeaker and a smart hands-free switching system.

Design and colours

With its very pure design and its smart colours, the Home Phone breaks the traditional aesthetics of landline phones. You can choose a different colour for each room.

You'll be proud to show it to your friends.

Intuitive hands-free system

No need to bother anymore about how to switch to hands-free mode when you are calling. The magic hands-free system of the home phone will switch to loudspeaker mode as soon as you place it on a table during your conversation.

Just the simplest way to get hands free.

360° HD sound

The Home Phone is equipped with a HD audio system that boosts basses and gives clarity to your conversation. Thanks to its 360° HD voice, you can share your calls with those close to you and enhance your quality time with your family.

It is definitely one of the best-performing hands-free systems ever used on a cordless phone.

99% less radio waves absorbed

Putting the phone on a table in hands-free mode will reduce the radio waves you absorb by 99%, compared to standard use in earphone mode.

Single button ergonomics

No need to worry about how to pick up or hang up. Your thumb will have no problem in finding the front button.

The same goes for the essential keypad features: just one single function per button.

Magic screens

When you receive a call, the calling number will appear smoothly on both white displays, protected by smoked glass lenses, on the top and at the bottom of the Home Phone.

Universal compatibility

In addition to the standard connection on the landline plug, the UrbanHello handset is 100% compatible with the DECT-GAP base station or with the CAT-iq advanced gateway you already have at home. With its wireless connection dedicated button, it immediately becomes a handset you can add to your existing phones.

Smart charger

Only after more than 10 days' battery autonomy will the Home Phone need recharging.