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Teaching Kids To Be Happy

Teaching Kids To Be Happy

Happiness is not necessarily innate but, happily enough, we can learn to be happy! As a parent you can help guide your child along the path to happiness. Here are a few ideas to help you!

You will be happy, my child

In the past, what parents wanted most was for their children to grow up big and strong, so they could cope with a difficult world. But times have changed and today, parents simply want their kids to feel happy and fulfilled.

Happy parents = happy kids

When it comes to bringing up children, the best way is often to lead by example. When their parents always make the effort to be polite, children do too, without even thinking about it. So if mum and dad are calm and happy day to day, their kids automatically absorb the same attitude. Be positive and they too will look on the bright side of life.

Of course, you’re allowed to be in a bad mood or feel annoyed sometimes. That way your children will learn that happiness isn’t a permanent state. By learning that life has ups and downs, they will learn to tolerate being frustrated more easily. This will help them stand up for themselves, while respecting others.

Appreciate the simple pleasures in life

Teach your children that each day brings lots of little moments of happiness. For example, a board game when everyone had fun together. Or a gardening session with the grandparents. Don’t hesitate to express your enjoyment of these moments by saying “isn’t this fun”. Because it’s the good times that your children will always remember. And later on in life, these happy memories will help them cope with more difficult times.

Children have unlimited potential for happiness. You only have to see them filled with wonder at something simple to realise that. So, teach them to be happy. They will be more fulfilled, but that’s not all. Some studies have shown that happy children are more optimistic, more creative, more enterprising and more focused.

So why not choose happiness?

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