REMI: for children beyond the age of 6 or 7

REMI for children beyond the age of 6 or 7REMI is your child’s ideal sleep companion, from birth right up to the age of 10. We shine the spotlight on what it can offer kids of 6 or 7 and beyond.

A sleep companion, from 0 to 10 years!

REMI is a multifunction connected clock that’s the perfect bedside companion for kids for their first 10 years. From birth up to the age of 3, it monitors their nights, tracking and recording their sleep. From 3 to 6, it will help them settle into a good sleep routine. Then, for the over-6s, it’s a great way to encourage kids to start becoming more independent.

Bedtime and wakeup time: managing their own routines

From around the age of 6 or 7, children start primary school and take another step down the path towards independence. At this age, they can also start learning to use their REMI all by themselves, via the dedicated app. Parents can teach them to set the alarm function, for example, and to organise their own bedtime and wakeup routines. Kids can set the times for each event and can also personalise the display. They can even have fun choosing a name for their REMI if they want!

They can enjoy their OWN music in their OWN room!

In the early years, REMI plays their favourite lullabies and creates a soothing atmosphere ideal to help little ones drift off to sleep peacefully. Later on, at around the age of 6 or 7, they can set the device to play their top tunes. REMI is a bit like your child’s very first hi-fi. They can use it to play all their favourite music in their bedroom, so they can create their own little cocoon where they feel secure and happy!

Urban Hello’s REMI is much more than just an alarm clock or a connected sleep trainer. It is a device that you can continue to use as your child grows. And for maximised safety, REMI cuts all radio emissions whenever you exit the app. Pretty smart!

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Are you familiar with positive discipline?

Are you familiar with positive disciplineMealtime or bedtime tantrums, playing up, crying… positive discipline can help you parent your child effectively to restore a calmer, happier family environment.

Positive discipline: a kind parenting method

When it comes to authority, young parents can often feel unsure and lost, wanting to be neither too strict nor too lax. And in the midst of this parental indecision, kids tend to seize power. So what should you do if your child disobeys you, bites or constantly breaks the rules? Positive discipline encourages parents to bring up kids kindly. This approach, developed in the 1930s, is a genuine life philosophy that fosters self-confidence and autonomy.

Preventing mealtime tantrums

Does your child tend not to eat what’s in his or her plate or leave meals unfinished? Offer a limited choice, with two options, for example. If they don’t eat much, tell them you understand that they aren’t hungry any more. If it happens again, talk about it with your child. Ask them what they think could be done so they don’t have an empty tummy. Suggest preparing the meal together or eating a little earlier. The main idea is to get your child involved in trying to find a solution.

Bedtime and positive discipline

Bedtimes are often a problem for families. Kids tend to demand all sorts of things to put off going to sleep (a glass of water, a story, a cuddle, etc.). That’s because children aren’t programmed to fall asleep on their own. They need to feel reassured by the presence of their parents. What’s more, children don’t understand why all the rest of the family is still up while they are meant to go to sleep.

There are several solutions to help your little one get over this problem. In the first few months, you could opt for “cosleeping”, which means sleeping in the same room as your baby. Then, when babies are a little older and are sleeping in their own room, be sure to establish a bedtime routine straight away. Tell them a story, do a little meditation together… and repeat the same routine every day. This reassures children and helps them fall asleep more easily.

Positive discipline can also help you in numerous day-to-day situations. Give it a go!

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Getting the best out of your baby sleep trainer

Getting the best out of your baby sleep trainer

Are you thinking about buying a baby sleep trainer? Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of this accessory specially designed for new parents!

Practical advice for using a baby sleep trainer

Designed to help parents listen out for their little one, a baby sleep trainer can make it easier to get young babies off to sleep more easily. However, make sure you adjust the microphone properly to stop you being disturbed by every little movement your baby makes! Also avoid using it in a noisy setting.

When should you react?

A baby sleep trainer can be an invaluable aid. However, parents should not over-react. Various studies have shown that leaving babies to cry isn’t necessarily bad for them. And in the first few months after being born, they can wake up as many as 10 times a night on occasions! So there’s no way parents should rush to comfort them at the slightest little sound. They should only intervene if baby cries for too long or doesn’t manage to fall asleep again alone.

More than a baby sleep trainer

In addition to allowing you to keep an eye (or ear) on your baby, some baby sleep trainers – like Urban Hello’s REMI - also offer “sleep tracking” features. These allow you to measure your child’s sleep quality and get a clear understanding of his or her sleep cycles.

Urban Hello’s REMI is a connected baby sleep trainer, which can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone or tablet: the perfect sleep companion for kids, and therefore for their parents!

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Little things that can disturb your child’s sleep

Little things that can disturb your child’s sleep

A whole range of factors can disturb children’s sleep. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do about them!

A sleep “debt”

An accumulated lack of sleep is a very common problem in young children. In this case, they generally wake up too early (around 6 a.m. or even earlier), they make wake several times through the night, cry a lot when put to bed and the quality of their daytime naps suffers. They are down on sleep so they sleep less well, and so it goes on. It truly is a vicious circle! So what’s the solution? Put them to bed earlier and try to stick to a routine that is as regular as possible, for both naps and mealtimes.

Sore gums

All babies are affected by teething and for some it can be a particularly painful process. And when they lie down, it can be even worse. This can make getting them off to sleep extremely difficult. Try raising your baby’s head using a large pillow to make them more comfortable. You could also try using homeopathic remedies. And don’t hesitate to give them a teething toy to gnaw on during the day. The pressure helps soothe sore gums.

Tummy troubles

During the first few months of life, babies often suffer from the infamous “colic”. They start to cry and squirm in pain whenever night falls. A gentle tummy massage just before bedtime may help calm them. Or you could try the swaddling method, as being all wrapped up can reassure and soothe little ones.

Older children may find it difficult to get to sleep if their meal has contained too much protein, fat or sugar. So watch what you put on their plates!

A lack of bedtime routine

Maybe the atmosphere before bedtime isn’t ideal to prepare them for sleep? Avoid screens and games that get your kids over-excited in the hour before bedtime. Instead, suggest a quiet activity or play soothing music. And, most important of all, establish a bedtime routine. This should consist of three phases: washing and tooth brushing, relaxation, and cuddles. Repeating the same routine reassures little ones and helps them fall asleep.

Do you want to establish a routine to help your little one get a good night’s sleep? Urban Hello’s REMI is the ideal connected sleep trainer to help kids sleep better. See for yourself!

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REMI: for 2 to 7 year-olds

REMI: for 2 to 7 year-oldsDoes your child find have problems getting to sleep? Does he or she have disturbed nights and wake up in the morning still tired? Offer 2 to 7 year-olds a sleep coach with Urban Hello’s REMI, to help them have sweet dreams!

Sleep routines with REMI

Urban Hello’s REMI is a new-generation smart bedside clock. It’s a multifunction device that will help kids between the ages of 2 and 7 get into a regular, healthy sleep routine.

Simply click the clock item in the REMI app to set the timetable for your child’s day-to-day routine: wakeup time, bedtime, nap time, toothbrush time… Then click your chosen time, for example 8.30 p.m. for bedtime. Give the event a name and select the days concerned. Finally, click the face to choose REMI’s expression (asleep, awake, etc.) and the light intensity to customise the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Play nursery rhymes and bedtime stories in your child’s room!

Does your little one need to be comforted at bedtime? Even when you’re not there, you can set REMI to play the music, stories and nursery tales of your choice in your child’s room. A great way to provide instant reassurance!

Select the tune of your choice in REMI or transfer your own music directly from your PC to your connected bedside clock, just as you would with a USB stick. So you can wake up your kids or soothe them to sleep with their favourite music or nursery rhyme.

REMI is your child’s new sleep companion! A genuine sleep trainer, it helps them sleep more peacefully so they wake up more refreshed. REMI helps you ease your child into a sleep routine and makes the bedroom an even cosier, more comfortable place to be.

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How to organise your children’s bedtime with your babysitter

How to organise your children’s bedtime with your babysitter

Are you planning to use a babysitter? Here are a few tips to help you choose one and prepare them properly for your child’s bedtime routine.

Finding the right babysitter

Is this the first time you’ve left your kids in a babysitter’s care? The job requires patience, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility. One of the main points is obviously to make sure that your babysitter really likes kids. Make sure that he or she is used to spending time with children. If they have not yet got any experience, ask if they have little brothers or sisters or cousins of their own that they are used to looking after. This will give you peace of mind!

Have them arrive a little early to give them time to get to know your home and kids

You’ve found the ideal babysitter for your needs? If possible, have him/her arrive half an hour before you plan to go out. Take them on a guided tour of the house, pointing out any hazards (electric sockets, windows to be kept shut, sharp table corners, etc.). Warn them to be particularly careful of these dangers while looking after your children. After that, carefully explain what they are to do: meal, toothbrushing, bedtime, access to the TV or otherwise.

Bedtime routine and babysitting

Establishing a bedtime routine is very important. Children like to do the same things and hear the same bedtime stories each night. It makes them feel safe. They know what’s going to happen next, which reassures them. When you’re not there to oversee bedtime, the child’s regular routine should start at the same time and proceed in exactly the same way. Explain to the babysitter how important it is to stick to the routine.

Want to help your kids get a good night’s sleep, even when you’re not there? Urban Hello’s REMI is a smart bedside clock with a whole host of features to help you establish a bedtime routine. A clever, reassuring little device for children from 0 to 10 years!

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Helping children relax before bedtime using essential oils: good or bad idea?

Helping children relax before bedtime using essential oilsDoes your child find it difficult to get to sleep? Beyond the age of 3, certain essential oils can help them fall asleep more easily. Read on to find out more!

Mandarin essential oil

With its delicate fragrance, mandarin essential oil has soothing properties. It is a natural remedy to alleviate anxiety, stress and nervousness. You can also use mandarin essential oil to improve your child’s digestion and relieve stomach ache. Simply mix 10 drops of mandarin essential oil and 5 drops of ravintsara essential oil and diffuse in your child’s room before bedtime.

True lavender essential oil

A home essential, lavender essential oil regulates the nervous system, soothes and relaxes. Place a drop of lavender oil on your child’s pillow before starting the bedtime routine, for peaceful, calmer nights!

Camomile essential oil

Used as a herbal tea by our grandmothers, camomile is well known for its powerful calming effects. In essential oil form, it soothes nervous tension. Dilute a drop in your child’s bath water to help them relax. Another option is to mix a drop of camomile essential oil with jojoba, sesame or calendula oil and use it to give your child a massage.

Petit grain bigarade essential oil

Derived from the fruit of the Seville orange tree, also known as bitter orange, petit grain bigarade essential oil is known for soothing and sedative properties. It calms children with a tendency to get overexcited! Use it in a diffuser or simply add a drop of oil to a tissue or handkerchief for your child to inhale.

Beyond the age of 3, certain essential oils can be used to soothe your child. Other useful products include niaouli essential oil, which re-energises and decongests, or tea tree essential oil to stimulate the immune system: great weapons to tackle winter. If you are unsure, ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

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How to get children to sleep well when they share a room?

How to get children to sleep well when they share a roomIt’s not always easy to get children to sleep well when two of them are sharing the same bedroom! We share a few tips to make things easier and ensure peaceful nights!

Prepare your older child before the new arrival

Are you expecting a new addition to the family? Do you plan to have the new baby share a bedroom with his or her big brother or sister? To make this change as easy as possible for the older sibling, you need to prepare him or her in advance, before the new baby is even born. This helps prevent older children from seeing the newcomer as an intruder, or even an invader! It’s particularly important to get them involved in choosing a cuddly toy for the new baby or items to decorate the area around his/her cot.

How to make it easier for them to sleep

If you decide to have two children share a bedroom, wait until the youngest one sleeps through the night before you put them in together. That will limit the risks of the older child being woken up. It is better to keep the baby’s cot in your own bedroom for the first few months.

Once they are older, children who share a room may want to play together rather than sleep at bedtime! And even when they are tired, they can keep going for a long time. To avoid this problem, you could try putting the younger one to bed half an hour earlier. If the two children are close in ages put the one that sleeps the most soundly to bed first. Another idea is to put the youngest one down to sleep in your own bed before moving him or her to the shared bedroom once he or she is asleep.

Whatever your children’s ages, establishing a bedtime routine helps them fall asleep more easily and improves the quality of their sleep. And new technologies can be a great help! With Urban Hello’s REMI, you are providing your children with the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, thanks to its numerous features, including an adjustable night light and an option to play lullabies of your own choice!

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REMI: from birth to 2/3 years

REMI: from birth to 2/3 years

REMI is a soothing sleep companion that encourages babies from birth to the age of 2/3 years to enjoy sweet dreams. The devices offers a range of functions for a better night’s sleep, helping kids feel secure in their bedroom. 

Tracking and monitoring baby’s sleep

Urban Hello’s REMI is a genuine customizable sleep coach for your child. Its flexible, adjustable alerts help establish a good bedtime and nap routine.

The smart device is also capable of providing parents with an accurate log of their baby’s sleep patterns. It is a clever tracking tool that records the sound profile of baby’s nights. Parents can access the information directly on their Smartphone thanks to a dedicated app. So, at a glance, they can see exactly when their baby is sleeping and when he or she is awake. Valuable information to help them identify and solve any sleep problems as they arise.

Walkie-talkie and lullaby features

Unlike traditional baby monitors that only transmit one way, REMI enables real communication between babies and parents. Parents can listen and talk to their babies, to soothe and reassure them if necessary simply using their smartphone. It even works if they are thousands of miles apart! And they can choose a bedtime lullaby for REMI to play, or music for during the day. This helps create a happy environment where babies feel safe and secure in their own little cocoon!

REM is a smart baby monitor, ideal from birth to 2/3 years. The device is a great companion for kids right up until the age of 10, adapting to their night routine as they grow. On top of all that, it’s also a fun, attractive designer object that will fit beautifully into your home!

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What are the benefits of sport and exercise for kids?

What are the benefits of sport and exercise for kids

Whether it’s dance classes, karate or gym, your child can only benefit from a physical activity! Among many other virtues, sport helps them let off steam and make friends!

Why is sport so important for children?

Regular physical exercise is quite simply essential for kids. They need to move. Just watch them playing in the school playground or park: they never stop running! Sport helps children channel their energy, and teaches them to socialize. It helps them get their own bearings and learn to respect others, whether they are team mates or opponents. And physical activity also aids the healthy development of their bodies. In an age when obesity is a growing problem, that is clearly a major advantage!

How to choose the right sport

Perhaps your whole family are soccer fans and you would love your children to follow the family tradition? Even if your desire to pass on your passion is strong, let kids decide for themselves. If it isn’t their own choice, they will soon lose interest. It might come from friends or sports events they’ve watched on TV… whatever the case, always encourage them if they show an interest!

When should kids start a sport

Some sports can be enjoyed from a very young age. The key is for kids to expend energy, let off steam and have fun. Even if they show a real aptitude for their chosen discipline, be careful not to push them into competitive sport too soon. Focusing on a single activity can be counter-productive and cause them to give up. In addition, over-training can be bad for their health and disrupt their growth. The sports activity that your child chooses needs to be carefully controlled and properly supervised.

So, at the start of this new school year, enrol your children in a physical activity they’re really keen to do!

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