What is the best time to put your child to bed?

What is the best time to put your child to bed

8 o’clock, 9 o’clock or 10 o’clock…. it’s not always easy to work out the best time to put your child to bed. Here are a few tips to guide you!

Sleep requirements vary depending on age

Children’s sleep requirements change as they grow. From the ages of 6 months to 4 years, the amount of time your little one sleeps during the day gradually decreases. At this stage, children often start to find falling asleep more difficult and wake up during the night. Between the ages of 4 and 12, afternoon naps disappear and bedtime becomes gradually later. It is around 8 o’clock for 5/6 year-olds, 9 o’clock for 8 year-olds and 10 o’clock by the time your child becomes a teenager[1].

Bedtime for children: the tell-tale signs

In fact, a number of very obvious signs should tell you when it’s bedtime. One of the main ones is rubbing their eyes or ears. Or your little one might start to shiver. That’s because they’re starting to produce melatonin, which lowers their body temperature slightly. Put your little one to bed, as it’s exactly the right time for them to fall asleep quickly!

What can you do to help your child sleep better?

For a start, making sure your child goes to bed at the right time is an excellent habit to get into. But it’s important to know that other factors can also affect how well your little one sleeps. First and foremost, what they eat. At afternoon snack time, favour fruit, because the sugar it contains will promote the production of melatonin. In the evening, make sure meals aren’t too heavy, since this can make it harder to get to sleep. Avoid protein and always offer vegetables!

Does your child always finds it difficult to get back into a normal routine at the end of the holidays? Make the most of days off and weekends to let your child sleep later in the morning. You could also suggest a restorative afternoon nap!

[1] Source: figures supplied by the French Sleep Research and Medicine Society, Lyon 1 University

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How to pick the best alarm clock for your child?

How to pick the best alarm clock for your childAre you thinking of buying your child an alarm clock? Digital, analogue or smart… follow the advice below to make the best choice!

An analogue child’s alarm clock

With their three hands indicating the hours, minutes and seconds, analogue alarm clocks are perfect if your child already knows how to tell the time. Available in many different styles, they remain a very reasonably priced option, usually costing between €15 and €50. Favour models with hands protected by a clear glass cover and with luminous numbers. That way, your child won’t need to switch the light on to know what time it is!

Digital-display alarm clocks

These alarm clocks allow beginners to work out what time it is, from the age of 3 years. They are the ideal option if your child is still learning to tell the time. Just like analogue alarm clocks, they come in a range of brightly-coloured styles that will be perfectly at home in a child’s bedroom. The advantages of these clocks include the absence of potentially annoying ticking as well as the possibility of personalising the alarm ring. However, models that light up are best, and make sure you choose one with a sufficiently clear display.

Smart alarm clocks

What if you wanted more from your child’s alarm clock? Today’s educational alarm clocks use cleverly designed pictograms to help younger children understand when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Urban Hello’s REMI, for example, is simultaneously an alarm clock for kids and a smart baby monitor. It also serves as an adjustable night light. What’s more, you can set it to play a lullaby of your choice at bedtime. And thanks to its baby monitor function, you will be able to hear even the slightest noise in your baby’s room and talk to your little one to soothe him or her.

By getting an alarm clock for your child, you can help them learn and adopt a good sleep routine. Now there’s a bright idea!

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Bedtime tantrums: how to defuse the situation

Bedtime tantrums how to defuse the situation

Are bedtime tantrums spoiling your evenings? Fortunately, solutions exist to help settle your child into a good routine.

When getting your child off to sleep is tricky…

Is your child still struggling to get to sleep at 10 o’clock at night despite having been put to bed at 8.30? You’re not alone! Many parents have exactly the same problem every night. When children refuse to go to bed, it’s often because they want to be like the grown-ups. They are demonstrating a strong desire to be independent, showing you that they want to go to bed when THEY choose, not when you tell them to!

Teach your children to fall asleep by themselves

Does your little one only ever go to sleep with you by his or her side? You should beware as this bad habit could soon become one that is difficult to break… To prevent this, establish a bedtime routine as soon as possible: bath, story, cuddles and sleep time. Before you leave the bedroom, remind your child that he or she is safe, even if you aren’t in the same room.

Stay firm!

As you leave the room, your child may well play up. He or she may cry or keep calling you back. Whatever you do, don’t give in. If your child has a tantrum, ignore it. Because reacting and getting cross could simply encourage the behaviour! Anticipate your child’s demands. For example, place a glass of water on the bedside table in advance.

Establishing a good sleep routine requires time and patience. But it will be worth it in the end! It will spare you plenty of tears later on. Have you thought about using a smart bedside clock to help you? Urban Hello’s REMI helps your child drift off to sleep peacefully thanks to its sleep schedule function, which records the sound profile of your little one’s nights. This helps you identify the conditions most conducive to a good night’s sleep for your little one. An invaluable aid if your child plays up at bedtime!

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Baby showers: the new trend imported from the USA

Baby showers the new trend imported from the USA Celebrate your baby’s impending arrival in style by throwing a baby shower! Invite your friends along to share the unique atmosphere of this very special all-girls event!

Baby showers, the fashionable new party

Baby showers, a popular custom in the USA traditionally held around the 8th month of pregnancy, are starting to gain ground in France. This girls-only event is an opportunity for the mum-to-be to get together with her closest friends for a very special celebration.

How to organise a baby shower

Generally speaking, a baby shower is held at the home of the mum-to-be or one of her close friends. Ideally, each shower has its own theme. The colour scheme might by pink or blue, depending on whether the baby is going to be a girl or a boy. Or the shower might have a strawberry or chocolate theme, especially if you’ve craved these sweet treats during your pregnancy! Customise your invitations according to the theme chosen and think about what games you and your friends could play at the party. You could hold a quiz about babies, for example. Or you could get your friends to place bets on your baby’s birth date, weight and sex, with whoever guesses correctly winning the kitty!

Baby shower gifts

Baby showers are an opportunity for your friends to shower you with gifts too! Gift ideas include a beauty product or treatment for the mum-to-be or a voucher for an evening’s babysitting after the birth. Other friends might bring a gift for the baby, such as personalised towels, cuddly toys or something more high-tech, such as a smart baby monitor. To point your friends in the right direction, make up your own baby shower gift list, in a store or online! A happy event for mums-to-be, a baby shower celebrates baby’s imminent arrival. Make it a moment to remember, filled with fun and gifts!

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Online educational games: 5 free sites to help kids learn while they have fun

Online educational games 5 free sites to help kids learn while they have fun

Take advantage of the holidays or a long weekend to spend quality time with your children These 5 free sites will help them learn as they have fun


Anagrams, dot-to-dot, connect 4… find a whole host of educational games, including some old favourites! And there are lots of other not-to-be-missed games to enjoy too, like snowboarding or jumping monkey. A website specially designed for children aged 5 or over!


Would you like to help your children learn their colours, shapes or seasons? Have a look at the Tidou.fr website together. It includes a collection of educational games for toddlers, 4-6 year-olds and 7-10 year-olds. There’s something for everyone!


The Tipirate.net website contains a whole range of ideas to keep your children busy and exercise their brains. Colouring-in, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, multiplications, history, learning how to tell the time…  children can choose their games, depending on their current interests and needs.


This English-language website promises your kids incredible learning experiences. It contains free games and apps, aimed at 4 to 9 year-olds. But Dragonbox also provides lots of educational information aimed at parents and educators.

Lulu la taupe

Lululataupe.com offers a broad range of interactive games to be printed out, aimed at nursery and primary school kids. Aimed at kids from the ages of 2 to 10, the site offers something for everyone, with a multitude of games designed to make learning fun. Mazes, join-the-dots, colour by numbers or worksheets… variety is the spice of life!

Help your children learn to read, count and understand the world around them using online educational games. And have fun yourself, introducing your kids to the games you used to play when you were their age!

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How can sleep contribute to your child’s well-being?

How can sleep contribute to your childs well-beingDoes your child get enough sleep? Since children’s well-being depends on plenty of good-quality sleep, here is some advice to make sure they get it.

A good night’s sleep is essential

In children, sleeping well is just as important as eating properly, for example. Because when children are sleep-deprived, they cannot assimilate information properly. A lack of sleep can even delay their development. That’s why a good sleep routine is so important to a child’s balance, from a very young age.

A lack of sleep means a cranky child

When children don’t get enough sleep, they are more irritable. Babies might refuse to be handled and cry very easily. Older children tend to be intolerant of not getting their own way, get annoyed for no apparent reason or even throw things on the ground. These difficulties controlling their emotions may make contact and interaction with others difficult.

Children who sleep well do better at school

Sleeping well has benefits for overall health, emotions, memory and decision-making. All these are essential factors for doing well at school. From nursery to high school, encourage your children to get into good sleeping habits throughout their school life. They will pay more attention in class, be able to concentrate for longer and will remember what they have learned better.

How can you tell if a child is sleeping badly?

There are a few tell-tale signs. For example, they may have difficulty paying attention for any length of time, and their minds may often wander. At school, they might tend to switch off and not listen right to the end of the lesson. Children who don’t get enough sleep often have difficulty integrating and joining in with others. At home they are more easily tired and can fall asleep anywhere, at any time of day. Finally, one of the most common consequences of sleep problems is actually hyperactivity! Constantly agitated and swinging quickly between laughter and tears, children compensate for their exhaustion by over-reacting. So, it’s important to act whenever you notice the first signs!

Since sleeping well is crucial for your child, help him or her get into a good sleep routine from a very young age. A smart bedside clock may make things easier. Urban Hello’s Remi is your child’s new sleep companion. It analyses children’s sleep and helps them fall asleep and wake up at the right times. An invaluable aid to ensure their well-being, all day long!

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Second baby: how to help your oldest cope with the new arrival

Second baby how to help your oldest cope with the new arrival

You’re expecting your second baby? Congratulations! If you’re wondering how to prepare your older child for the new arrival… here’s some helpful advice.

Defuse the situation

Since you announced the good news, has your first child turned into a real “little monster”? It’s quite understandable. As the oldest, he or she has been used to being the only child, the centre of attention and the focus of all your love and concern. So the arrival of a second baby is generally pretty unsettling! Attention shifts to the coming baby and your first child may feel a little abandoned. Fortunately, the situation can be remedied!

Second baby: how to restore the balance

First step: explain things clearly to your older child. In particular, talk to him or her about this new baby, who will be too small to be a playmate to begin with. Explain that new babies need lots of attention during the first few months because they are unable to do anything for themselves…

Spend time with your older child

When you first come home after the birth, you will be pretty busy. However, make sure you set a little time aside for baby’s big brother or sister. Give plenty of cuddles and play with your older child. Explain that you still love him or her just as much and spend as much time as possible together. Don’t hesitate to ask your partner to take over. Is your oldest child fretting and  worrying? Show that you understand how he or she feels. And remember to give compliments too. It’s important to comfort a big brother or sister, at a time when family and friends are cooing over the adorable new baby!

The arrival of a second baby is a major upheaval for both parents and big brother or sister. What was your experience?

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How to help your child get into a good sleep routine

How to help your child get into a good sleep routineYou want your child to fall asleep more easily and wake up in the morning fully refreshed? From an early age, encourage them to get into a good sleep routine!

Winding-down time in a soothing atmosphere

Around twenty minutes before baby’s bedtime, immerse your home in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Dim the lights, switch off TVs or computers and turn down the radio. This is the perfect time for a wash and a soothing cuddle with mum or dad.

Watch out for signs of tiredness

Do you put your child to bed at the same time every night? Watch your little one carefully to detect any signs of tiredness. Frequent yawning and red or watery eyes are tell-tale signs that should encourage you to bring bedtime forward a little compared to usual. This will help your child drift off to sleep more gently.

Don’t encourage reliance

Parents are sometimes tempted to stay with young children until they fall asleep. Or they might slip baby’s dummy back into his or her mouth if they wake up during the night. However, these practices should be avoided at all costs. They simply create bad habits. Don’t forget that falling asleep and waking up on one’s own are entirely natural habits that develop very early on, from the age of just 8 weeks!

Use a smart babyphone

Some high-tech gadgets can be transformed into genuine sleep companions for children. For instance, Urban Hello’s REMI is a new smart babyphone capable of monitoring sleep, night after night, and identifying when your little one wakes up during the night. It tells parents immediately when their children are sleeping well and when they are not. It therefore makes it easier to detect any sleep problems. And its attractive design means REMI fits into your child’s bedroom beautifully!

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5 Parenting Blogs Not To Be Missed

5 Parenting Blogs Not To Be MissedBe inspired by our special selection of “mum’s blogs”. Funny, moving, full of good advice, they are not to be missed!

Carla and her blended family

To date, the theme of blended families and step families hasn’t received much coverage in the world of parenting blogs. The gap has now been filled perfectly thanks to Carla’s blog! With good humour and insight, this mum welcomes us into the day-to-day lives of her family of 5 kids, ranging in age from 4 months to 6 years. She covers serious topics, such as premature births, along with lighter ones, such as the fibs parents tell their kids’  teachers that nobody believes!

8 in the house

Big family, happy family? For Cécile, mum to 6 kids, it’s definitely true! In 2010, when her regular spot on the famous Les Maternelles French daytime TV show aimed at parents came to an end, this young woman from Bordeaux decided to document her unusual life on her blog. On the menu are moments from the family’s day-to-day life, friendly advice on bringing up kids, a few helpful tips for understanding teenagers, and lots more…

Ciloubidouille’s creative blog

Amaze your kids with creative crafts and projects taken from the Ciloubidouille website! Great snack ideas, fun dishes to cook or home-made decorations to brighten up the school holidays and keep your kids busy after school. Ciloubidouille also has fun tracking down contemporary objects to make life even better!

Mum’s working

Started by Marlène Schiappa, the Maman Travaille blog is the first network aimed at working mums. It contains a wealth of advice to help combine a career with motherhood. The site will interest mums from all kinds of backgrounds: employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs or students.

Audrey’s kitchen and her express recipes

You dream of lovely home-made food, but you don’t want to spend hours slaving over a hot stove? Visit the Audrey Cuisine blog. Little smoked salmon puffs, shrimp risotto or glazed duck yakitori skewers whipped up in just a few minutes are bound to tempt your tribe’s taste buds!

Each mum’s blog is unique. Prepare for surprises!

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Baby night light: a good or bad idea?

Baby night light a good or bad idea

Are you considering a night light for your baby?Below we answer a few questions you might be asking yourself.

What’s the point of a baby night light?

A baby night light is a small appliance that gives off a soft light to reassure your child at night. It helps them drift off to sleep peacefully. And if they wake up during the night, a night light helps them make out their environment and the things in their room more clearly.

Night light or conventional lighting?

A night light is more appropriate at baby’s bedtime because it soothes without making the room too bright. Your little one is asking for a brighter light? If you want, you could also install a dimmer system and gradually reduce the brightness of the light over time.

Baby night lights and eyesight problems

Contrary to popular belief, baby night lights do not damage eyesight. It’s true that an American study published in 1999 revealed a link between being short-sighted and having used a night light as a child. But since then, the authors have changed their minds and gone back on their conclusions. Other, more recent studies have shown that there is no link between night lights and short sightedness. So you can use a baby night light without having to worry.

What’s the point of a smart night light?

Over time, night lights have constantly evolved, leading to the emergence of smart models. For example, REMI from Urban Hello allows you to track your child’s nights and analyse sleep patterns, recording night-time awakenings along with sounds in the bedroom. This makes it easier to identify any sleep problems, but also to understand why your child is suddenly tired, or, on the contrary, full of beans!

Safe and practical, your baby night light will soon become indispensable. The good news is that it’s also an attractive designer object that will fit harmoniously into any child’s bedroom, whatever its style!

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