How to help your child get into a good sleep routine

How to help your child get into a good sleep routineYou want your child to fall asleep more easily and wake up in the morning fully refreshed? From an early age, encourage them to get into a good sleep routine!

Winding-down time in a soothing atmosphere

Around twenty minutes before baby’s bedtime, immerse your home in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Dim the lights, switch off TVs or computers and turn down the radio. This is the perfect time for a wash and a soothing cuddle with mum or dad.

Watch out for signs of tiredness

Do you put your child to bed at the same time every night? Watch your little one carefully to detect any signs of tiredness. Frequent yawning and red or watery eyes are tell-tale signs that should encourage you to bring bedtime forward a little compared to usual. This will help your child drift off to sleep more gently.

Don’t encourage reliance

Parents are sometimes tempted to stay with young children until they fall asleep. Or they might slip baby’s dummy back into his or her mouth if they wake up during the night. However, these practices should be avoided at all costs. They simply create bad habits. Don’t forget that falling asleep and waking up on one’s own are entirely natural habits that develop very early on, from the age of just 8 weeks!

Use a smart babyphone

Some high-tech gadgets can be transformed into genuine sleep companions for children. For instance, Urban Hello’s REMI is a new smart babyphone capable of monitoring sleep, night after night, and identifying when your little one wakes up during the night. It tells parents immediately when their children are sleeping well and when they are not. It therefore makes it easier to detect any sleep problems. And its attractive design means REMI fits into your child’s bedroom beautifully!

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5 Parenting Blogs Not To Be Missed

5 Parenting Blogs Not To Be MissedBe inspired by our special selection of “mum’s blogs”. Funny, moving, full of good advice, they are not to be missed!

Carla and her blended family

To date, the theme of blended families and step families hasn’t received much coverage in the world of parenting blogs. The gap has now been filled perfectly thanks to Carla’s blog! With good humour and insight, this mum welcomes us into the day-to-day lives of her family of 5 kids, ranging in age from 4 months to 6 years. She covers serious topics, such as premature births, along with lighter ones, such as the fibs parents tell their kids’  teachers that nobody believes!

8 in the house

Big family, happy family? For Cécile, mum to 6 kids, it’s definitely true! In 2010, when her regular spot on the famous Les Maternelles French daytime TV show aimed at parents came to an end, this young woman from Bordeaux decided to document her unusual life on her blog. On the menu are moments from the family’s day-to-day life, friendly advice on bringing up kids, a few helpful tips for understanding teenagers, and lots more…

Ciloubidouille’s creative blog

Amaze your kids with creative crafts and projects taken from the Ciloubidouille website! Great snack ideas, fun dishes to cook or home-made decorations to brighten up the school holidays and keep your kids busy after school. Ciloubidouille also has fun tracking down contemporary objects to make life even better!

Mum’s working

Started by Marlène Schiappa, the Maman Travaille blog is the first network aimed at working mums. It contains a wealth of advice to help combine a career with motherhood. The site will interest mums from all kinds of backgrounds: employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs or students.

Audrey’s kitchen and her express recipes

You dream of lovely home-made food, but you don’t want to spend hours slaving over a hot stove? Visit the Audrey Cuisine blog. Little smoked salmon puffs, shrimp risotto or glazed duck yakitori skewers whipped up in just a few minutes are bound to tempt your tribe’s taste buds!

Each mum’s blog is unique. Prepare for surprises!

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Baby night light: a good or bad idea?

Baby night light a good or bad idea

Are you considering a night light for your baby?Below we answer a few questions you might be asking yourself.

What’s the point of a baby night light?

A baby night light is a small appliance that gives off a soft light to reassure your child at night. It helps them drift off to sleep peacefully. And if they wake up during the night, a night light helps them make out their environment and the things in their room more clearly.

Night light or conventional lighting?

A night light is more appropriate at baby’s bedtime because it soothes without making the room too bright. Your little one is asking for a brighter light? If you want, you could also install a dimmer system and gradually reduce the brightness of the light over time.

Baby night lights and eyesight problems

Contrary to popular belief, baby night lights do not damage eyesight. It’s true that an American study published in 1999 revealed a link between being short-sighted and having used a night light as a child. But since then, the authors have changed their minds and gone back on their conclusions. Other, more recent studies have shown that there is no link between night lights and short sightedness. So you can use a baby night light without having to worry.

What’s the point of a smart night light?

Over time, night lights have constantly evolved, leading to the emergence of smart models. For example, REMI from Urban Hello allows you to track your child’s nights and analyse sleep patterns, recording night-time awakenings along with sounds in the bedroom. This makes it easier to identify any sleep problems, but also to understand why your child is suddenly tired, or, on the contrary, full of beans!

Safe and practical, your baby night light will soon become indispensable. The good news is that it’s also an attractive designer object that will fit harmoniously into any child’s bedroom, whatever its style!

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Teaching Kids To Be Happy

Teaching Kids To Be Happy

Happiness is not necessarily innate but, happily enough, we can learn to be happy! As a parent you can help guide your child along the path to happiness. Here are a few ideas to help you!

You will be happy, my child

In the past, what parents wanted most was for their children to grow up big and strong, so they could cope with a difficult world. But times have changed and today, parents simply want their kids to feel happy and fulfilled.

Happy parents = happy kids

When it comes to bringing up children, the best way is often to lead by example. When their parents always make the effort to be polite, children do too, without even thinking about it. So if mum and dad are calm and happy day to day, their kids automatically absorb the same attitude. Be positive and they too will look on the bright side of life.

Of course, you’re allowed to be in a bad mood or feel annoyed sometimes. That way your children will learn that happiness isn’t a permanent state. By learning that life has ups and downs, they will learn to tolerate being frustrated more easily. This will help them stand up for themselves, while respecting others.

Appreciate the simple pleasures in life

Teach your children that each day brings lots of little moments of happiness. For example, a board game when everyone had fun together. Or a gardening session with the grandparents. Don’t hesitate to express your enjoyment of these moments by saying “isn’t this fun”. Because it’s the good times that your children will always remember. And later on in life, these happy memories will help them cope with more difficult times.

Children have unlimited potential for happiness. You only have to see them filled with wonder at something simple to realise that. So, teach them to be happy. They will be more fulfilled, but that’s not all. Some studies have shown that happy children are more optimistic, more creative, more enterprising and more focused.

So why not choose happiness?

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How to help you child sleep better

How to help you child sleep better

Does your child find it hard to get to sleep? Does he or she constantly want you there at the bedside? Here are our tips to help settle your little one at night.

Why is bedtime so difficult for kids?

Bedtime makes many children feel anxious. Left alone in their bedroom, without physical contact with their parents, they can feel vulnerable.To drift off to sleep without any stress, kids need to feel secure. Something that’s not always easy, especially if they are of a naturally anxious or nervous disposition.

A few tips to help you child sleep better

Before bedtime comes, you can prepare your child for a better night’s sleep. Make sure they are exposed to plenty of natural light during the day. And in the evening, opt for softer lighting. This will help regulate your child’s energy levels and body temperature.

As bedtime approaches, suggest soothing activities, such as doing a jigsaw or listening to an audio book. Finally, watch out for signs of tiredness, like rubbing the eyes or yawning… Bring bedtime forward a little if necessary since your child will then fall asleep much more easily.

Getting kids to sleep: the “two cards” method

To help your little one settle to sleep more easily, you could also try the famous “two cards” method. This involves giving your child two plastic cards, carrying the words “pass to disturb mum or dad during the night”. Explain to your child that they can choose to use these cards when they want. Suggest they keep one back for an important event, such as a nightmare. This method is surprisingly effective, especially in anxious kids. It gives them the feeling that they are in control. To begin with, they will test your response, but will then settle down quite quickly. Persevere, especially during the first few days!

Do you want to understand your child’s sleep better? REMI, the new smart alarm clock from UrbanHello analyses your child’s sleep and helps them drift off to sleep peacefully. It’s your child’s new sleep companion!

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REMI rewarded at CES 2017: travelogue

UrbanHello Remi CES 2017

Credit: Dean Takahashi

The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) closed its doors just a few weeks ago. Our smart alarm clock – REMI - won an Innovation Award at this major international event. REMI was enthusiastically received, wooing distributors and journalists alike!

CES: a now familiar trade show for Urban Hello

2017 has got off to a flying start for our team. The first event on the agenda was our second participation at the CES… where we notched up a second Innovation Award, following the success of the HomePhone at CES 2013! So buoyed by our first experience, we approached the run-up to this major exhibition dedicated to innovation with considerable confidence. And we did so with the support of the Business France agency, which had selected UrbanHello along with a handful of other French start-ups to man the France Pavilion at the CES.

Useful contacts with distributors and French Tech

Our objective was to start preparing the ground for the distribution of REMI, our smart bedside clock for kids, in the USA. And the results were extremely positive, since we met numerous American distributors. We also got the chance to make or renew contact with French distributors, with whom we have already begun commercial discussions.

In addition, the event was a great opportunity to meet and swap experiences with some of the other French Tech start-ups present. These included the friendly Nantes-based inventors of the ingenious D-Vine and the Annecy-based couple who created Joy, the great smartwatch for kids. After six days of intensive activity, we returned home worn out… but more than satisfied with a job well done!

REMI: what the press has to say!

Our smart alarm clock for kids also received an enthusiastic welcome from the press, as can be seen from the numerous articles published in recent weeks. Below is a selection of the best!

- USA Today:“REMI is one of the 5 baby tech products at CES 2017 that are actually good.”

- Maddyness : “Why will kids get hooked on REMI? Because it’s cute and will become a real day-to-day companion to them in their bedroom.”

- Les Echos: “Urban Hello is one of the most innovative French companies at the trade fair.”

- French Consulate in New York: “Urban Hello is one of the French start-ups to win a CES Innovation Award 2017.”

- Geeko Le Soir: “REMI from Urban Hello is one of the most innovative products on display at the Las Vegas show.”

- We are Mobians: “The REMI clock helps kids fall asleep and sleep better.”

- Widoobiz: “A clock that helps parents train their kids to sleep better, from birth up to the age of 10.”

- Venturebeat: “Remi’s mission is to be a friendly companion for a child that tells your child when it is OK to wake up.”

- “REMI helps teach young children about life.”

Coming very soon: a video summing up Urban Hello’s participation at CES 2017 will be published online on our website and on social media. Don’t miss it!

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How about a smart alarm clock for your child?

How about a smart alarm clock for your child

Did you know you can now get smart alarm clocks for kids? Much more than a traditional alarm clock, these high-tech devices can help your child get a better night’s sleep… and make family life much easier. Read on to find out more!

Your child will now know when to sleep and when to get up

Up until the age of around 6 or 7, children find it hard to tell the time on their own… and so they don’t know whether they should stay in bed or not. Smart alarm clocks for kids use easily recognisable icons to help youngsters have a better idea of what time it is. As a result, they find it easier to get into a good sleep routine.

An alarm clock that analyses your child’s night

Do you know when your child is sleeping well and not so well? A smart alarm clock helps you track and analyse your child’s sleep patterns. For example, Urban Hello’s REMI gives you a detailed analysis via a dedicated app. The device is capable of detecting when your child wakes up during the night and recording noise levels in the bedroom, for example. This makes it easier to identify and tackle any sleep problems. So you’ll know why your child is suddenly tired, or, on the contrary, full of beans!

A multi-function appliance

Smart alarm clocks incorporate a number of features. These include a baby monitor or walkie-talkie option, so you can hear your child at all times, and they can hear you. You can personalise these appliances to your heart’s content, with various light intensity options available, for instance. Finally, smart alarm clocks often come equipped with an MP3 player so kids can enjoy listening to their favourite stories, nursery rhymes and songs!

Give your child a sleep companion, like REMI. This fun, well-designed device will help your little get into a good sleep routine. As a result, they will have a restorative night’s sleep and be full of energy during the day!

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5 calming activities for children just before bedtime

5 calming activities for children just before bedtime

One of the best ways to help your child fall asleep easily is to make sure they go to bed relaxed. Are you looking for some ideas for calming activities before bedtime? Here are just a few!

1. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaws are an ideal activity for children under 6 and can have an instant calming effect in kids who are overexcited or having a tantrum. They are also a great way of developing hand-eye coordination. And there’s no shortage of choice on today’s market, including wooden jigsaws or ones branded with children’s favourite characters. A relaxing activity to share with your child!

2. Audio books

Discover a new way of reading! From The Little Prince to Harry Potter and the Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, audio books are now widely available, with something for everyone. And if you’re looking for something soothing, try some of the mindfulness audio books such as Sitting Still Like a Frog. A way to teach serenity and calm, specially tailored to the needs of very young children. 

3. Home-made puppets

This fun activity stimulates the imagination of kids of all ages. Why not help children turn kitchen gloves into home-made puppets, cutting out and decorating the fingers to create amazing characters and stories they can act out? Or, easier still, simply draw faces onto the ends of your fingers using washable felt-tip pens.

4. Stretching games

Every evening, do some stretching exercises with your kids. The whole family can get together, relax and release the day’s tensions. Rock a cuddly toy with your child to the sound of soothing music in the background. You could also mime a flower as it grows, a cat arching its back or a butterfly unfurling its wings.

5. Rock-paper-scissors

Rock-paper-scissors is a great game for calming down even the most boisterous of kids. And all you need is your hand. To make it even more soothing, why not try playing the game in complete silence?

Help your child drift off to sleep peacefully by encouraging relaxing activities. And to ensure a better night’s sleep, discover REMI, your little one’s sleep companion.

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What to do when your child has nightmares?

What to do when your child has nightmares?

Does your child sometimes wake up frightened and crying? Parents often feel completely helpless when it comes to dealing with nightmares. So what should you do? We offer a few tips below.

Nightmares are common in children

Between the ages of 1 and 8, children often have their sleep disturbed by nightmares. Bad dreams usually occur during the paradoxical sleep phase, one of the last before waking up. But although they can be alarming, nightmares are actually a perfectly normal phenomenon. In fact, just like dreams, they are a crucial stage in a child’s development. A genuine safety valve, nightmares allow youngsters to release their anxiety and stress.

Nightmares between the ages of 1 and 3

Very young children can’t yet differentiate between dreams and reality. You can reassure them by comforting them. Encourage them to tell you about what they saw. This helps the images gradually fade from their memory. You should also tell your child that you were scared by the same things too, once upon a time. Finally, there are a few simple tricks to remember. For example, leave a little light switched on after a bad dream. Or give children a special cuddly toy to stop nightmares disturbing their sleep.

Nightmares in children aged 4 and over

At this age, your child knows the difference between dreams and reality. So you can explain that these terrifying creatures don’t actually exist and are completely imaginary. It’s important to soothe children, hold them in your arms and show them that no monster can possibly come into their bedroom. Remind them that you’re just in the room next door to protect them. Even if your child wakes you up in the middle of the night, stay calm and, whatever you do, don’t be cross. The next day, ask them to draw a picture of the creatures they saw in their dreams. Then burn the drawing or tear it up together. When bedtime comes around again, talk about something your child likes. That way, they will drift off to sleep thinking happy thoughts!

Have you heard of REMI, our new child sleep companion? Check it out.

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Are you familiar with Family Tech?

Are you familiar with Family TechCome and explore the world of Family Tech innovations. Discover how these gadgets can make everyday family life so much easier.

Family Tech: a booming sector

The term Family Tech covers all new technologies dedicated to the family. The concept may be a recent one, but CES has already taken it on board. In 2016, the celebrated trade show dedicated to new technologies gave visitors the chance to take part in two special conferences. The first focused on Family Tech and the second on the closely related universe of baby tech. At present, new family-friendly high-tech products are being launched on an almost daily basis.

Making life easier for families

Keeping you connected, helping you manage your time or your family more efficiently, making sure you know where your kids are… Family Tech products meet a whole range of needs. These new technologies come in a variety of forms and include devices, applications and wearables. But they all share the same goal: to make family life easier, less stressful and more balanced.

Family Tech: a few examples

One Family Tech gadget, Octopus by Joy, won an innovation award at CES 2017. This smartwatch doesn’t just teach kids the time; it teaches them good habits and time management. Another example of family-friendly innovation is the little Owlet Babycare sock, a smart baby monitor that warns parents straight away if baby has a problem. One of the main features of this device is that it’s capable of measuring oxygen levels. Just as essential, REMI is the new sleep companion for children. This high-tech alarm clock, baby monitor and sleep coach tracks your child’s sleeping habits, from birth to 10 years. It can also help adjust them. As well as being a smart device, it is an attractive designer object that’s perfectly at home in any child’s bedroom.

So why don’t you give some Family Tech products a go? These cleverly designed gadgets will soon become part of the family!

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