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How to help you child sleep better

How to help you child sleep better

Does your child find it hard to get to sleep? Does he or she constantly want you there at the bedside? Here are our tips to help settle your little one at night.

Why is bedtime so difficult for kids?

Bedtime makes many children feel anxious. Left alone in their bedroom, without physical contact with their parents, they can feel vulnerable.To drift off to sleep without any stress, kids need to feel secure. Something that’s not always easy, especially if they are of a naturally anxious or nervous disposition.

A few tips to help you child sleep better

Before bedtime comes, you can prepare your child for a better night’s sleep. Make sure they are exposed to plenty of natural light during the day. And in the evening, opt for softer lighting. This will help regulate your child’s energy levels and body temperature.

As bedtime approaches, suggest soothing activities, such as doing a jigsaw or listening to an audio book. Finally, watch out for signs of tiredness, like rubbing the eyes or yawning… Bring bedtime forward a little if necessary since your child will then fall asleep much more easily.

Getting kids to sleep: the “two cards” method

To help your little one settle to sleep more easily, you could also try the famous “two cards” method. This involves giving your child two plastic cards, carrying the words “pass to disturb mum or dad during the night”. Explain to your child that they can choose to use these cards when they want. Suggest they keep one back for an important event, such as a nightmare. This method is surprisingly effective, especially in anxious kids. It gives them the feeling that they are in control. To begin with, they will test your response, but will then settle down quite quickly. Persevere, especially during the first few days!

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