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How to help your child fall asleep

How to help your child fall asleep

Bedtime can be tricky for little ones… and their parents. How can you help your child fall asleep? Here are our tips.

A quiet time before bed

At the end of day, kids need time to relax and unwind before going to bed. After bathtime or the evening meal, avoid any play or activities that might over-excite youngsters, such as console games or boisterous games with siblings. Encourage quiet, soothing activities instead. You could suggest listening to music, drawing, colouring in or, even a little meditation or a few yoga exercises designed for children.

Establish a bedtime routine

Routines – i.e. the same sequence of activities and words, repeated every evening – are reassuring for children, especially at bedtime. Sending kids to brush their teeth before taking them to bed and reading them a story for 10 to 15 minutes is a perfect example of a structured routine. But be careful to make sure bedtime doesn’t drag on for too long.

What to do if your little one doesn’t want to go to sleep

What should you do if your child keeps calling you back? Try leaving them to cry for a few minutes before going back to them. Reassure them: you’re right there, nothing can happen to them. Gradually leave them for a little longer each time before going back in. After the third time, tell them that’s it, it’s time to stop. If they get up, hold their hand and take them back to their room. Always stay calm… but firm!

Does your child find it difficult to get to sleep? Don’t hesitate to consult a paediatrician to make sure there’s no physiological cause. It’s also a good idea to place beds in a corner or against a wall rather than the middle of the room. This makes kids feel more secure. Another solution is to opt for REMI, your little one’s new sleep companion. A baby monitor that can be used from birth to the age of 10 to track your child’s sleep and adjust sleeping habits.

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