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Christmas gifts: 5 fun, practical ideas

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideasDo you want to give your kids a real treat this Christmas? Discover our selection of quirky or futuristic gifts.

Laser cosmos projector

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos

It’s too cold to stargaze outside in winter. The laser cosmos projector gives budding astronomers the chance to admire the night sky’s constellations on their own bedroom walls. A magical, poetic gift!

R2-D2 desktop vacuum

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum

Remember the little astromech droid who repaired starships and compacted trash in the Star Wars saga? R2-D2 is back! This miniature vacuum cleaner shaped in the form of the famous  robot can get into even the smallest spaces. Teach your kids to keep their room clean and tidy with the help of C3-PO’s loyal partner.

Bionic Bird

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum bionic bird

Offer a high-tech gift for Christmas this year! Developed in France, Bionic Bird, a masterpiece of design, is a new type of drone offering a unique flying experience. A little marvel of micro-technology, it is controlled by a smartphone app. This remote-controlled bird flies with genuine grace thanks to biomimicry, engineering inspired by the inventions of Mother Nature herself.

The fashionable phone charger

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum phone charger

Nomadic phone chargers are a must for every teenager with a smartphone. The Accoo brand has turned these chargers into genuine fashion accessories. Its ever more original designs are inspired by cartoon strips, street art or the world of retro-pop. The extra-slim devices are equipped with a micro-USB cable for Android and a lightning adapter for iPhones.

REMI, your child’s sleep companion

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas smart babyphone alarm clock

The brand new REMI is an all-in-one alarm clock, baby monitor and sleep coach. This fun little device can track your child’s sleep and help adjust sleeping habits, from birth to the age of 10. Remote-controllable using a bluetooth system and a dedicated app, you can use REMI to access a log of your child’s sleep and identify patterns. It’s also an attractive designer object that fits harmoniously into your child’s bedroom.

We’ve given you a few ideas. Now it’s up to you to choose your favourite gift!

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