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Baby showers: the new trend imported from the USA

Celebrate your baby’s impending arrival in style by throwing a baby shower! Invite your friends along to share the unique atmosphere of this very special all-girls event! Baby showers, the fashionable new party Baby showers, a popular custom in the … Continue reading

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There is an app for that, so what?

Credit: Today, our smartphones and their various applications allow us to call friends, listen to our favourite music and swamp the social networks with selfies. But in this all-digital age; good old-fashionedrecords, film photography and landline phones are making … Continue reading

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Our 5 Kickstarter favourites for the spring

Do you want to know which concepts will turn into future stars? Let’s take a look at five extremely promising projects, highlighted on Kickstarter, and celebrate spring! 1. Playbulb Garden Do you want to create a unique atmosphere in your garden? … Continue reading

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Trend corner: the time has come for connected watches

Credit: The perfect follow-on from smartphones, connected watches are small but perfectly formed marvels of technological wizardry with increasingly innovative features. The arrival of the Apple Watch sets the scene for the explosive development of a new market, a … Continue reading

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Trend: conviviality returns to the family home

Credit: While they bring us closer to those far away, new technologies can sometimes actually put distance between us and the people we live with. Luckily, new trends are emerging to put that right and restore a sense of … Continue reading

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The Sharing Economy: evolution, revolution or bubble?

Have you ever rented a room in someone’s home or car-shared via a dedicated website? If so, you may be a fan of the collaborative or sharing economy without even realising it. This eco-friendly, and, above all, economical concept has … Continue reading

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The Top 10 High-Tech trends for 2015 as identified by Gartner

As it does every year, Gartner, the world’s leading information technologies research and advisory company, has published its prospective survey of forthcoming strategic technology trends. Below are its top 10 high-tech trends for 2015. 1. “Computing everywhere” This is the number … Continue reading

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Are you ready for the third wave of the internet?

Perhaps you are already using the famous connected bracelets or glasses? The arrival of these smart objects has met with remarkable success. But they are a mere glimpse of the high-tech flood that lies in wait. It might not be … Continue reading

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4 surprising uses for civil drones

Long known for its aviation expertise, France has now embraced the civil drone market. On 11 April 2012, it opened up its air space to these new devices. But what exactly are the applications for these remotely piloted aircraft systems? … Continue reading

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Our favorite Kickstarter projects for the start of the new school year

As you know, at UrbanHello, we’re fans of crowdfunding in general, and of Kickstarter in particular. Here are a few of the projects that have impressed us most at the start of this brand new school year. Umbrella Here: sharing … Continue reading

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