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Sleep companions: 3 high-tech gadgets to help kids sleep better

Help your baby drift off to sleep peacefully! Explore our selection of high-tech gadgets that will become genuine sleep companions for your child. Gro-Hush – The white noise device Gro-Hush is practical and easy to use, with a real calming … Continue reading

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5 high-tech gift ideas for kids

Are you a fan of new technologies? Pass on your enthusiasm to your kids these five high-tech gift ideas this year. The Clementoni interactive globe Help your children learn about the world’s geography while they have fun. This interactive globe with … Continue reading

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REMI: for children beyond the age of 6 or 7

REMI is your child’s ideal sleep companion, from birth right up to the age of 10. We shine the spotlight on what it can offer kids of 6 or 7 and beyond. A sleep companion, from 0 to 10 years! … Continue reading

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REMI, the customizable sleep coach for your child, will be available very soon!

Want to help your kids get a good night’s sleep? How about giving them their very own customizable sleep coach? The good news is that REMI, the smart, multi-function bedside clock, will soon be more widely available! Read on to … Continue reading

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The 5 Gadgets Set To Be Big Hits This Summer

Some gadgets are set to be the “must-haves” of the summer. Discover these original products designed to make sure your kids have a whole lot more holiday fun this year! The Fidget Spinner Already very popular in school playgrounds in … Continue reading

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REMI rewarded at CES 2017: travelogue

Credit: Dean Takahashi The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) closed its doors just a few weeks ago. Our smart alarm clock – REMI – won an Innovation Award at this major international event. REMI was enthusiastically received, wooing distributors … Continue reading

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Are you familiar with Family Tech?

Come and explore the world of Family Tech innovations. Discover how these gadgets can make everyday family life so much easier. Family Tech: a booming sector The term Family Tech covers all new technologies dedicated to the family. The concept … Continue reading

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Christmas gifts: 5 fun, practical ideas

Do you want to give your kids a real treat this Christmas? Discover our selection of quirky or futuristic gifts. Laser cosmos projector It’s too cold to stargaze outside in winter. The laser cosmos projector gives budding astronomers the chance … Continue reading

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5 French Start-ups with the wind in their sails

A few simple yet revolutionary ideas have allowed these companies to “disrupt” their markets. The 5 French start-ups below are the latest to catch our eye. 1. Withings: pioneers in the field of connected health devices Created in 2009 near … Continue reading

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Guided tour of CES 2015

The 2015 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has just closed in Las Vegas. More than 120 companies exhibited at the show, with France the 5th most represented country, promoting the very latest in cutting-edge concepts. For once, it wasn’t the giants of … Continue reading

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