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Baby night light: a good or bad idea?

Are you considering a night light for your baby?Below we answer a few questions you might be asking yourself. What’s the point of a baby night light? A baby night light is a small appliance that gives off a soft … Continue reading

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REMI rewarded at CES 2017: travelogue

Credit: Dean Takahashi The Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) closed its doors just a few weeks ago. Our smart alarm clock – REMI – won an Innovation Award at this major international event. REMI was enthusiastically received, wooing distributors … Continue reading

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How about a smart alarm clock for your child?

Did you know you can now get smart alarm clocks for kids? Much more than a traditional alarm clock, these high-tech devices can help your child get a better night’s sleep… and make family life much easier. Read on to … Continue reading

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There is an app for that, so what?

Credit: Today, our smartphones and their various applications allow us to call friends, listen to our favourite music and swamp the social networks with selfies. But in this all-digital age; good old-fashionedrecords, film photography and landline phones are making … Continue reading

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Our 5 Kickstarter favourites for the spring

Do you want to know which concepts will turn into future stars? Let’s take a look at five extremely promising projects, highlighted on Kickstarter, and celebrate spring! 1. Playbulb Garden Do you want to create a unique atmosphere in your garden? … Continue reading

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Trend corner: the time has come for connected watches

Credit: The perfect follow-on from smartphones, connected watches are small but perfectly formed marvels of technological wizardry with increasingly innovative features. The arrival of the Apple Watch sets the scene for the explosive development of a new market, a … Continue reading

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High Tech: the high-definition sound revolution

Credit: Long “neglected” in favor of image, sound is returning with a vengeance to claim centre stage in high-tech circles. Everything points towards the primacy of high-definition sound, particularly in our homes, much to the delight of audiophiles. Long-suffering … Continue reading

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5 French Start-ups with the wind in their sails

A few simple yet revolutionary ideas have allowed these companies to “disrupt” their markets. The 5 French start-ups below are the latest to catch our eye. 1. Withings: pioneers in the field of connected health devices Created in 2009 near … Continue reading

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Guided tour of CES 2015

The 2015 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has just closed in Las Vegas. More than 120 companies exhibited at the show, with France the 5th most represented country, promoting the very latest in cutting-edge concepts. For once, it wasn’t the giants of … Continue reading

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The Top 10 High-Tech trends for 2015 as identified by Gartner

As it does every year, Gartner, the world’s leading information technologies research and advisory company, has published its prospective survey of forthcoming strategic technology trends. Below are its top 10 high-tech trends for 2015. 1. “Computing everywhere” This is the number … Continue reading

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