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How about a smart alarm clock for your child?

Did you know you can now get smart alarm clocks for kids? Much more than a traditional alarm clock, these high-tech devices can help your child get a better night’s sleep… and make family life much easier. Read on to … Continue reading

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5 calming activities for children just before bedtime

One of the best ways to help your child fall asleep easily is to make sure they go to bed relaxed. Are you looking for some ideas for calming activities before bedtime? Here are just a few! 1. Jigsaw puzzles … Continue reading

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What to do when your child has nightmares?

Does your child sometimes wake up frightened and crying? Parents often feel completely helpless when it comes to dealing with nightmares. So what should you do? We offer a few tips below. Nightmares are common in children Between the ages … Continue reading

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