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Engaged design: a new way of communicating?

Design isn’t just about aesthetics and ergonomics. It can be used as a tool to convey strong messages and help shift the boundaries. Spotlight on engaged design. Givebox in Lyon: encouraging sharing A bizarre wooden totem pole has just been … Continue reading

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High Tech: the high-definition sound revolution

Credit: Long “neglected” in favor of image, sound is returning with a vengeance to claim centre stage in high-tech circles. Everything points towards the primacy of high-definition sound, particularly in our homes, much to the delight of audiophiles. Long-suffering … Continue reading

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5 French Start-ups with the wind in their sails

A few simple yet revolutionary ideas have allowed these companies to “disrupt” their markets. The 5 French start-ups below are the latest to catch our eye. 1. Withings: pioneers in the field of connected health devices Created in 2009 near … Continue reading

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Trend: conviviality returns to the family home

Credit: While they bring us closer to those far away, new technologies can sometimes actually put distance between us and the people we live with. Luckily, new trends are emerging to put that right and restore a sense of … Continue reading

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