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Inside UrbanHello: the birth of the project

Well before it became a brand, UrbanHello started out as a human and entrepreneurial adventure, instigated by two passionate and committed individuals. In this new series, dubbed Inside UrbanHello, we take you behind the scenes of our company, from its … Continue reading

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6 splashes of colour for your interior

While white is timeless, the trend for 2014 is towards an explosion of colours. Rather than anything garish though, the design world increasingly favours smaller splashes of colour. Below we describe six options to add a touch of colour to … Continue reading

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4 ideas for keeping in touch with family and friends when they’re far away

Family, friends, partners: distance inevitably has an impact on the way we interact with our loved ones. Fortunately, regular advances in technology give us access to new solutions for communicating at a distance, allowing us to feel close to the … Continue reading

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3 everyday objects that have changed almost beyond recognition

Every day, we discover new products, offering new functionalities in totally new forms. To gain a better understanding of the technological developments of the future, it’s a good idea to take a look back at the history of such items. … Continue reading

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Why connect a new DECT handset to a home phone system?

DECT technology is digital cordless technology that allows a telephone handset to communicate with an associated base station. Users are thus free to move around as they wish while still enjoying exceptional high-definition sound quality. There are two main scenarios … Continue reading

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