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When it comes to design, white is the new black

Just as black is timeless, and hence, by definition, always on-trend in the fashion world, it seems that white has become a benchmark in the world of design. We explain why. White never goes out of fashion in our homes … Continue reading

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How to recycle your old landline phone

Credits: Ben de Lisi When a cordless phone stops working, the problem is usually the handset rather than the base station, which probably still works perfectly well. Since the Home Phone is compatible with all DECT base stations in Europe, … Continue reading

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5 criteria for choosing your cordless phone

Cordless phones are ideal for home use: they offer all the benefits of mobile phones — i.e. mobility — while at the same time reducing your exposure to electromagnetic waves. But the huge range of products available on the market … Continue reading

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3 tips for reducing the amount of electromagnetic radiation you absorb when you use the phone

The potential impacts on health of radio frequency absorption are being closely monitored by governments and NGOs alike. In 2009, the ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) began monitoring the issue in France and a … Continue reading

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