How about a smart alarm clock for your child?

How about a smart alarm clock for your child

Did you know you can now get smart alarm clocks for kids? Much more than a traditional alarm clock, these high-tech devices can help your child get a better night’s sleep… and make family life much easier. Read on to find out more!

Your child will now know when to sleep and when to get up

Up until the age of around 6 or 7, children find it hard to tell the time on their own… and so they don’t know whether they should stay in bed or not. Smart alarm clocks for kids use easily recognisable icons to help youngsters have a better idea of what time it is. As a result, they find it easier to get into a good sleep routine.

An alarm clock that analyses your child’s night

Do you know when your child is sleeping well and not so well? A smart alarm clock helps you track and analyse your child’s sleep patterns. For example, Urban Hello’s REMI gives you a detailed analysis via a dedicated app. The device is capable of detecting when your child wakes up during the night and recording noise levels in the bedroom, for example. This makes it easier to identify and tackle any sleep problems. So you’ll know why your child is suddenly tired, or, on the contrary, full of beans!

A multi-function appliance

Smart alarm clocks incorporate a number of features. These include a baby monitor or walkie-talkie option, so you can hear your child at all times, and they can hear you. You can personalise these appliances to your heart’s content, with various light intensity options available, for instance. Finally, smart alarm clocks often come equipped with an MP3 player so kids can enjoy listening to their favourite stories, nursery rhymes and songs!

Give your child a sleep companion, like REMI. This fun, well-designed device will help your little get into a good sleep routine. As a result, they will have a restorative night’s sleep and be full of energy during the day!

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5 calming activities for children just before bedtime

5 calming activities for children just before bedtime

One of the best ways to help your child fall asleep easily is to make sure they go to bed relaxed. Are you looking for some ideas for calming activities before bedtime? Here are just a few!

1. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaws are an ideal activity for children under 6 and can have an instant calming effect in kids who are overexcited or having a tantrum. They are also a great way of developing hand-eye coordination. And there’s no shortage of choice on today’s market, including wooden jigsaws or ones branded with children’s favourite characters. A relaxing activity to share with your child!

2. Audio books

Discover a new way of reading! From The Little Prince to Harry Potter and the Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, audio books are now widely available, with something for everyone. And if you’re looking for something soothing, try some of the mindfulness audio books such as Sitting Still Like a Frog. A way to teach serenity and calm, specially tailored to the needs of very young children. 

3. Home-made puppets

This fun activity stimulates the imagination of kids of all ages. Why not help children turn kitchen gloves into home-made puppets, cutting out and decorating the fingers to create amazing characters and stories they can act out? Or, easier still, simply draw faces onto the ends of your fingers using washable felt-tip pens.

4. Stretching games

Every evening, do some stretching exercises with your kids. The whole family can get together, relax and release the day’s tensions. Rock a cuddly toy with your child to the sound of soothing music in the background. You could also mime a flower as it grows, a cat arching its back or a butterfly unfurling its wings.

5. Rock-paper-scissors

Rock-paper-scissors is a great game for calming down even the most boisterous of kids. And all you need is your hand. To make it even more soothing, why not try playing the game in complete silence?

Help your child drift off to sleep peacefully by encouraging relaxing activities. And to ensure a better night’s sleep, discover REMI, your little one’s sleep companion.

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What to do when your child has nightmares?

What to do when your child has nightmares?

Does your child sometimes wake up frightened and crying? Parents often feel completely helpless when it comes to dealing with nightmares. So what should you do? We offer a few tips below.

Nightmares are common in children

Between the ages of 1 and 8, children often have their sleep disturbed by nightmares. Bad dreams usually occur during the paradoxical sleep phase, one of the last before waking up. But although they can be alarming, nightmares are actually a perfectly normal phenomenon. In fact, just like dreams, they are a crucial stage in a child’s development. A genuine safety valve, nightmares allow youngsters to release their anxiety and stress.

Nightmares between the ages of 1 and 3

Very young children can’t yet differentiate between dreams and reality. You can reassure them by comforting them. Encourage them to tell you about what they saw. This helps the images gradually fade from their memory. You should also tell your child that you were scared by the same things too, once upon a time. Finally, there are a few simple tricks to remember. For example, leave a little light switched on after a bad dream. Or give children a special cuddly toy to stop nightmares disturbing their sleep.

Nightmares in children aged 4 and over

At this age, your child knows the difference between dreams and reality. So you can explain that these terrifying creatures don’t actually exist and are completely imaginary. It’s important to soothe children, hold them in your arms and show them that no monster can possibly come into their bedroom. Remind them that you’re just in the room next door to protect them. Even if your child wakes you up in the middle of the night, stay calm and, whatever you do, don’t be cross. The next day, ask them to draw a picture of the creatures they saw in their dreams. Then burn the drawing or tear it up together. When bedtime comes around again, talk about something your child likes. That way, they will drift off to sleep thinking happy thoughts!

Have you heard of REMI, our new child sleep companion? Check it out.

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Are you familiar with Family Tech?

Are you familiar with Family TechCome and explore the world of Family Tech innovations. Discover how these gadgets can make everyday family life so much easier.

Family Tech: a booming sector

The term Family Tech covers all new technologies dedicated to the family. The concept may be a recent one, but CES has already taken it on board. In 2016, the celebrated trade show dedicated to new technologies gave visitors the chance to take part in two special conferences. The first focused on Family Tech and the second on the closely related universe of baby tech. At present, new family-friendly high-tech products are being launched on an almost daily basis.

Making life easier for families

Keeping you connected, helping you manage your time or your family more efficiently, making sure you know where your kids are… Family Tech products meet a whole range of needs. These new technologies come in a variety of forms and include devices, applications and wearables. But they all share the same goal: to make family life easier, less stressful and more balanced.

Family Tech: a few examples

One Family Tech gadget, Octopus by Joy, won an innovation award at CES 2017. This smartwatch doesn’t just teach kids the time; it teaches them good habits and time management. Another example of family-friendly innovation is the little Owlet Babycare sock, a smart baby monitor that warns parents straight away if baby has a problem. One of the main features of this device is that it’s capable of measuring oxygen levels. Just as essential, REMI is the new sleep companion for children. This high-tech alarm clock, baby monitor and sleep coach tracks your child’s sleeping habits, from birth to 10 years. It can also help adjust them. As well as being a smart device, it is an attractive designer object that’s perfectly at home in any child’s bedroom.

So why don’t you give some Family Tech products a go? These cleverly designed gadgets will soon become part of the family!

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3 films to watch with the family during the holidays

3 films to watch with the family during the holidays

Christmas is coming… the ideal opportunity to share some special moments together. We’ve selected 3 films for you to watch with the family during the holidays. Timeless classics to be enjoyed again and again.

Home Alone

The McCallister clan flies off to Paris for the Christmas vacation. But on arrival, they discover that they’ve left their youngest son, 8-year-old Kevin, behind. To begin with, Kevin relishes being home alone without his brothers and sisters. But two would-be burglars are planning to break into the family home on Christmas Eve. It’s up to Kevin to stop them  and protect the property. A comedy hit, full of laughs, in which Macaulay Culkin is at his very best.

The Santa Clause

Scott Calvin is a thirty-something divorced father who sadly doesn’t get to see his son, Charlie, as often as he would like. But one day, he witnesses an accident, in which the victim is no other than Father Christmas. Scott agrees to step in as his temporary replacement. He then learns from an elf that he has been appointed the official new Santa Claus! A fun film with the obligatory happy ending!

Shrek the Halls

Donkey, Princess Fiona and all their friends are getting ready to celebrate Christmas together around the tree. But the bad news is that Shrek has made no preparations at all. Because ogres don’t celebrate Christmas… Enjoy rediscovering Shrek and his band in this short, fun-filled 20-minute film. Re-immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the unique Shrek saga.

Enjoy one of these great Christmas classics again this festive period! Get the popcorn ready for family movie night!

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Christmas gifts: 5 fun, practical ideas

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideasDo you want to give your kids a real treat this Christmas? Discover our selection of quirky or futuristic gifts.

Laser cosmos projector

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos

It’s too cold to stargaze outside in winter. The laser cosmos projector gives budding astronomers the chance to admire the night sky’s constellations on their own bedroom walls. A magical, poetic gift!

R2-D2 desktop vacuum

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum

Remember the little astromech droid who repaired starships and compacted trash in the Star Wars saga? R2-D2 is back! This miniature vacuum cleaner shaped in the form of the famous  robot can get into even the smallest spaces. Teach your kids to keep their room clean and tidy with the help of C3-PO’s loyal partner.

Bionic Bird

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum bionic bird

Offer a high-tech gift for Christmas this year! Developed in France, Bionic Bird, a masterpiece of design, is a new type of drone offering a unique flying experience. A little marvel of micro-technology, it is controlled by a smartphone app. This remote-controlled bird flies with genuine grace thanks to biomimicry, engineering inspired by the inventions of Mother Nature herself.

The fashionable phone charger

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas projecteur cosmos r2-d2 desktop vacuum phone charger

Nomadic phone chargers are a must for every teenager with a smartphone. The Accoo brand has turned these chargers into genuine fashion accessories. Its ever more original designs are inspired by cartoon strips, street art or the world of retro-pop. The extra-slim devices are equipped with a micro-USB cable for Android and a lightning adapter for iPhones.

REMI, your child’s sleep companion

Christmas gifts 5 fun practical ideas smart babyphone alarm clock

The brand new REMI is an all-in-one alarm clock, baby monitor and sleep coach. This fun little device can track your child’s sleep and help adjust sleeping habits, from birth to the age of 10. Remote-controllable using a bluetooth system and a dedicated app, you can use REMI to access a log of your child’s sleep and identify patterns. It’s also an attractive designer object that fits harmoniously into your child’s bedroom.

We’ve given you a few ideas. Now it’s up to you to choose your favourite gift!

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How to help your child fall asleep

How to help your child fall asleep

Bedtime can be tricky for little ones… and their parents. How can you help your child fall asleep? Here are our tips.

A quiet time before bed

At the end of day, kids need time to relax and unwind before going to bed. After bathtime or the evening meal, avoid any play or activities that might over-excite youngsters, such as console games or boisterous games with siblings. Encourage quiet, soothing activities instead. You could suggest listening to music, drawing, colouring in or, even a little meditation or a few yoga exercises designed for children.

Establish a bedtime routine

Routines – i.e. the same sequence of activities and words, repeated every evening – are reassuring for children, especially at bedtime. Sending kids to brush their teeth before taking them to bed and reading them a story for 10 to 15 minutes is a perfect example of a structured routine. But be careful to make sure bedtime doesn’t drag on for too long.

What to do if your little one doesn’t want to go to sleep

What should you do if your child keeps calling you back? Try leaving them to cry for a few minutes before going back to them. Reassure them: you’re right there, nothing can happen to them. Gradually leave them for a little longer each time before going back in. After the third time, tell them that’s it, it’s time to stop. If they get up, hold their hand and take them back to their room. Always stay calm… but firm!

Does your child find it difficult to get to sleep? Don’t hesitate to consult a paediatrician to make sure there’s no physiological cause. It’s also a good idea to place beds in a corner or against a wall rather than the middle of the room. This makes kids feel more secure. Another solution is to opt for REMI, your little one’s new sleep companion. A baby monitor that can be used from birth to the age of 10 to track your child’s sleep and adjust sleeping habits.

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Introducing REMI, The Baby Monitor That Improves Sleep

Introducing REMI, The Baby Monitor That Improves Sleep

UrbanHello is delighted to present REMI, a baby monitor unlike any other. Our smart appliance helps your little ones sleep better… and grows up with them. An attractive object with a fun design, it will fit naturally into your home! Let’s take a look at REMI’s features and the benefits for your child.

REMI, an innovative new baby monitor concept

REMI is your child’s sleep companion, from birth to the age of 10. Far more than just another ordinary baby monitor, it “sleeps” alongside your little one and “wakes up” with them too. REMI can also help establish new bedtime routines and improve sleep quality. It’s a multi-function appliance that can be personalised and customised over time.

A connected baby monitor that analyses sleep

Simple and intuitive, REMI is compatible with your tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth. A dedicated app gives you direct access to data tracking your child’s sleep so you can keep a logbook and identify sleep patterns. At a glance, you can see when your little one is fast asleep and when he or she wakes up, making it easier to identify and deal with any sleep problems. It can also help explain why your child is suddenly tired or full of beans!

REMI, an attractive designer object

REMI is a practical, well-designed, fun and current baby monitor. Its round-shaped little character with communicating expressions fits harmoniously into your child’s bedroom, irrespective of décor. It always remains cool to the touch, whether on or off, guaranteeing maximum safety for baby!

Help baby get a better sleep with REMI, your little one’s new sleep companion.

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Gifts for a new baby: 5 original ideas

Gifts for a new baby: 5 original ideasAre you struggling to come up with a gift for a new baby? Below is our selection of 5 original ideas that are bound to be a hit with baby and parents alike! 

1. Puppet cuddly toy

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional rabbit or bear, try this cuddly zebra to stimulate and entertain baby. Simply slip your hand inside to transform this cute cuddly toy into a fun, loveable puppet. It’s practical too, with a little pocket at the front to hold a tissue or dummy.

2. Photo shoot gift box

Give your loved ones the opportunity to immortalize unforgettable moments! With the photo shoot gift box, they can get their baby’s portrait photo taken by a professional, at home or in the studio, guaranteeing a high-quality memento to treasure forever.

3. My little treasure

How can you resist my little treasure created by Baby Art! This superb treasure chest, which can be personalised with baby’s hand print, contains a myriad of little drawers. In them parents can store a whole host of precious keepsakes, such as baby’s dummy, photos and special cuddly toys.

4. Photo height chart

Keeping an eye on a child’s growth is easy and fun with this attractive photo height chart. An original and personalised gift to welcome a new arrival, the height chart has 2 columns, each with enough space for up to 30 photos!

5. REMI, for more restful nights

The REMI new-generation baby monitor makes an ideal gift to welcome a new baby. Incorporating multiple functions, our smart appliance can create bedtime and nap routines perfectly tailored to each child. In addition to recording baby’s activity while he or she sleeps, it also includes a sleep tracking diary. This highly intuitive device even allows parents to adjust the baby monitor’s nightlight or choose their favourite lullaby. With REMI, baby’s bedroom becomes a haven of comfort and reassurance!

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How to pick the best baby monitor?

How to pick the best baby monitorA baby monitor makes an ideal gift to welcome a new baby. But how can you be sure you’ve chosen the best baby monitor out there? We’ve put together some information to help you make your choice. 

Choosing the right baby monitor: traditional types

Whether you’re looking in-store or online, choosing your baby monitor at a glance is no easy task. A whole range of traditional versions are available. Traditional baby monitors consist of  a transmitter unit placed in your baby’s room and a receiver unit, which you can place wherever you like. But while these devices usually remain a safe bet, they now face serious competition from high-tech and increasingly sophisticated baby monitors.

Close-up on new-generation baby monitors

High-tech baby monitors incorporate multiple functions. They can serve as night lights, to help your little one fall asleep more easily. They may also incorporate a walkie-talkie so your baby can be soothed by the sound of your voice from a distance, or a thermometer, to accurately monitor the nursery temperature. Some baby monitors even offer a video function so you can check on your little one without disturbing him or her… The prices of these devices generally range from €100 to €200.

A few tips to help you choose the best baby monitor for you

When buying baby equipment, prefer low-voltage models or monitors that are only activated during use. Also make sure you only switch on the base unit when the receiver is on. Because your baby’s brain is highly receptive and develops incredibly fast.

Completely safe and offering a whole lot more than a traditional baby monitor, REMI monitors your baby’s sleep and adjusts his/her sleeping habits from the age of 0 to 10
years. Discover all its advantages and its numerous features for yourself!

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