Why do kids never sleep late?

Why do kids never sleep late

Does your child get up very early every single morning, including weekends and holidays? Read on to understand why kids so rarely sleep late and get a few tips on how to improve the quality of their sleep.

Sleep requirements that change as kids grow

Children have some very specific requirements when it comes to sleep, as demonstrated by a recent study published by research scientists at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Varying by as much as 100% depending on their age, these sleep requirements are approximately:

  • 12 to 16 hours from the age of 4 months to one year,
  • 10 to 13 hours from the age of 3 to 5 years,
  • 9 to 12 hours from the age of 6 to 12 years,
  • 8 to 10 hours in teenagers.

Between the ages of 4 months and 5 years, these requirements include daytime naps.

As children get older, they need less and less sleep

It’s true that kids need to sleep more than their parents to stay healthy and grow properly. But it’s also true that the amount of sleep they need decreases as they get older. The older they are, the less often they tend to sleep late in the morning. So, if you want to avoid your kids being wide awake at dawn, make sure they go to bed at the right time for their age. You do the maths!

Children need to have good-quality sleep to ensure good physical health and mental development. Monitor their sleep closely using REMI from Urban Hello! A new-generation bedside clock to help your child get a better night’s sleep. This smart, connected baby monitor makes your little one’s bedroom even more comfortable and reassuring. The device is also capable of identifying the ideal sleep conditions. Pretty cool!

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Help your kids get back into a good sleep routine before back to school

How to help your kids get back into a good sleep routine before going back to schoolBack to school time is fast approaching? Start getting your kids back into a routine gradually. Below we share a few tips to help you prepare them to return to school full of beans!

Banish screens from the bedroom

Lots of studies have shown that more and more of today’s teenagers are using their smartphones after going to bed, or even in the middle of the night. This is a really bad habit that makes them fall asleep later and has an adverse effect on sleep quality.

So, without banning the use of smartphones completely, you need to set a few rules. For example, you could ask your teenager to leave their mobile phone outside their bedroom beyond a certain time.

Start to bring bedtime forward

As back-to-school time approaches, bring bedtime forward a little to gradually adjust to the new routine. If your kids get up at 7 a.m., put them to bed at around 8.30 p.m. In teenagers, this time can be put off until around 9 p.m. If your child gets up earlier, move bedtime forward accordingly.

Implement a relaxation routine

Before bedtime, a winding-down time is always good for kids. In younger children, you could set a routine such as bath, toothbrushing, pyjamas, bedtime story, glass of water then bed! Before bedtime, you could enjoy a relaxation, meditation or yoga session together. A shared moment that’s beneficial all round! And to help your kids fall asleep more easily, ban fizzy drinks and other energy-boosting drinks in the evening.

Does your child or teenager find it difficult to get to sleep? Homeopathy, herbal supplements… there are all sorts of natural remedies to help. And for kids between 0 and 10 years old, how about giving them a REMI from Urban Hello, a smart connected bedside clock that will help adjust their sleep routine?

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3 tips to get the best out of your holidays with the family and come home refreshed

3 tips to get the best out of your holidays with the family and come home refreshedHave you been desperately looking forward to the summer holidays for ages? A genuine safety valve, they are a chance to let of steam, releasing stress and tiredness built up throughout the year. You want to come home rested and refreshed? Here are our top 3 tips! 

The right length of holiday for you

Is it better to take several short breaks or have long holiday lasting several weeks? Experts have different views. Some believe that a few long weekends spread over the summer are enough to recharge the batteries. For others, a one to two-week holiday is absolutely vital to break with the office routine and get out of the habit of early mornings. But only you can decide the best length of holiday to suit your own particular needs!

Switch off and slow down

Most of us end up checking our work emails or calls at some point during the holidays. It’s a bad habit and one that won’t help us switch off… but, fortunately, we tend to do it less and less as the holidays go on. Holidays are meant to be a time to relax, so it’s important to gradually leave the strains and stresses of work behind. Allow yourself to go a whole day – or even more – without checking your phone. And don’t hesitate to set up an out-of-office reply for your work contacts so that you’re not tempted to respond to them directly.

Make plenty of sleep and pampering yourself a priority

The whole point of holidays is to have a rest! Give your body (and mind) a well-deserved break! Forget about your alarm clock and opt for long sleeps. Don’t hesitate to enjoy a restorative afternoon nap, of between 20 and 90 minutes. And to totally relax, don’t put pressure on yourself by scheduling too many activities. Concentrate on just a few and the rest of the time, savour the opportunity to do nothing!

You want to recharge the batteries with your family? To make sure you come back well rested, choose a calm, soothing environment, such as a rural campsite or a farm cottage! What about you? Have you got any useful tips for a restful family holiday?

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Tips to boost tired kids during the holidays

Tips to boost tired kids during the holidays

It’s the holidays, but your child is still tired? Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to help kids recuperate. Follow our advice for a family summer, full of energy and fun! And no tired kids!

Why is my child tired during the holidays?

Is your child rubbing his/her eyes, is he/she irritable or is he/she crying more than usual? Surprisingly enough, lots of kids show signs of tiredness at the start of the holidays. It’s actually very common. They may have difficulty recuperating after a busy school year and only feel the effects when they slow down. What’s more, during the summertime they tend to go to bed and get up later. And kids – just like adults – take time to adapt to change!

Gradually adjust your child’s sleep routines

Routines change during the holidays. The ideal approach is to shift bedtimes gradually, by half an hour every night or every two nights, for example. Whatever you do, don’t change sleep routines too suddenly, by several hours all at once. And, finally, don’t forget that young children always need to go to bed early, to rest and recuperate.

Choose activities carefully

To prevent kids getting too tired, plan your weeks, starting with calm activities, to allow the whole family to gradually get into the swing of things. Begin with short walks in the countryside, for instance, before moving onto more energetic, sporty activities. Changing the pace too quickly can leave kids and parents alike feeling worn out!

Are your kid’s sleeping patterns out of sync? REMI, UrbanHello’s smart bedside clock, can help you restore the balance. Flexible alerts, music, adjustable night light… REMI helps make your child’s room even more soothing and comfortable for restful, restorative nights!

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5 tips for successful beach holidays with the family

5 tips for successful beach holidays with the family

Beach holidays are a great way for families to have fun together. Here are our 5 tips for a stress-free time!

Brief the kids on arrival

Remember that it’s easy to lose sight of your children on the beach. Whenever you arrive, set some holiday ground rules. They must not go off anywhere without first asking permission or go beyond set geographic boundaries (flag, life-guard station, etc.). And agree a meeting point in case there’s a problem.

Use sun cream properly

Now an essential in any beach bag, sun cream is an absolute must, especially in children, whose skin is particularly fragile! Unfortunately though, it isn’t always applied properly! Since we all tend to use too little, it’s a good idea to apply sun cream in two stages: once at base before we set off, then again when we arrive at the beach. Re-apply cream before and after going into the water. Finally, don’t forget that sun cream only keeps for a few months. Never use last year’s tube!

Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day

The midday sun can cause sunburn in the short term, as well as longer-term damage such as skin cancer and melanoma… So keep your kids out of the full sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. And take your time going into the water to avoid any risk of hypothermia, malaise or drowning due to cold water.

Well-equipped kids

In addition to a high SPF sun cream, make sure you take a t-shirt, baseball cap or sun hat in your beach bag for the children. And don’t forget their sunglasses, from the age of 1 onwards. It’s best to buy these from an optician and make sure you choose a pair with the CE mark.

Keep well hydrated!

Children can become dehydrated more quickly than adults. What’s more, they don’t always realise they’re thirsty, even when they’ve been running around all day on the beach!  Stay ahead of the game by making sure you offer them water regularly. To cool down hot kids, don’t hesitate to take a dip in the sea with them or use a water-spray.

Recharge your batteries at the beach this summer and create some happy family memories!

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Holiday workbooks: a good or a bad idea?

Holiday workbooks a good or a bad idea

Are you wondering about buying holiday workbooks for your child? Read our article below to help you make up your mind! 

Spotlight on holiday workbooks

Holiday workbooks are a very French tradition. More than 6 million of them are sold every year. The summer holidays in France are very long and parents tend to use the books to keep their kids busy and help them consolidate what they already know. Today, 91% of children do some form of homework at least once during the summer vacation. But is it a good or a bad idea? The experts are divided!

Learning outside the school environment

Some child specialists believe it’s good for kids to keep doing small amounts of homework at regular intervals throughout the summer. They see it as an opportunity for children to learn differently, in more relaxed surroundings with the family. In addition, family homework can be useful for calming down anxious kids. They feel less stressed as they learn and grow in confidence. They are then better prepared for the next school year and are already up to speed before returning to the classroom.

Holidays, a time to chill

However, other psychologists think holiday workbooks are pointless, or even counter-productive. For them, it’s essential for kids to have a complete break from school-type learning during the summer holidays to allow their brains to rest. They recommend using the time for sports or artistic activities instead. Children need to chill! And to help children get back into the school rhythm quickly at the start of the new term, they simply suggest sticking to a reasonable bedtime throughout the holidays, particularly as they draw to a close. A challenge REMI, UrbanHello’s children sleep companion, was meant to handle!

If your child is willing, you might like to suggest holiday homework. If not… it really isn’t a big deal. So, for or against?

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3 tricks to help kids sleep better when camping

3 tricks to help kids sleep better when camping

Camping out with the kids… Nothing beats it for creating great memories and doing a bit of family bonding. To help your kids sleep better when camping, follow our advice!

Camping in the garden!

A trip that goes to plan is one that has been prepared well in advance! Before heading off on a camping holiday, get your kids in the mood by suggesting camping out in the garden or the yard. This will help familiarise them with the fun of outdoor living. You could even let them sleep out for the night. They will then be more at ease once you get to the campsite!

An ace first-aid kit

Burning or itchy skin… there’s nothing worse for preventing your kids sleeping when camping. Before you set off, make sure you fill your first-aid kit to cover every eventuality. Take insect repellent and ointment to soothe bites and stings. And don’t forget plasters, disinfectants and paracetamol. A good moisturising cream is also useful to soothe sunburn.

Don’t put all the kids to bed at the same time

When two children are sleeping in the same tent, they tend to play rather than sleep. They can’t help it! So put the youngest child to bed first. He or she will spend more time sleeping and less time jumping around! Meanwhile, you can spend some quality time with older kids. For example, you could play a board game together or read them a long story!

A family camping holiday is a great opportunity to recharge the batteries together. Choose your pitch well, not too far away from the children’s play area and close enough to watch them without having to move from your spot. And once you get home, you’ll have Urban Hello’s REMI, the smart baby monitor, to help your kids sleep well!

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The best 3 films to take your family to see this summer

The best 3 films to take your family to see this summer

This summer, get away from the heat at the cinema! Below is our selection of the season’s must-see films to enjoy with the family!

Despicable Me 3

Gru discovers he has a twin brother: Dru! Thrilled by the news, he sets out to meet him, with Lucy and his daughters, in Freedonia. The only problem is Dru is superior to Gru in all respects! He’s handsome, smart, charismatic and wealthy…. a source of considerable jealousy for Gru. Despite this, the twins do have a few things in common: a sense of humour and a real passion for villainy. So together, they set about perpetuating the family tradition!

Spiderman: Homecoming

Following his experience with the Avengers, Peter Parker is back living with his Aunt May. But he soon realises that it is impossible for him to return to his previous life. He wants to be the new kind, likeable hero of the neighbourhood! Suddenly, a new enemy called Vulture appears, putting everyone who matters to the young Spiderman in danger…

Le grand méchant renard et autres contes (The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales)

It’s not as peaceful as you might think out in the countryside! The animals live turbulent lives… playing the role of a hen, a fox gathers some chicks. At the same time, a rabbit pretends to be a stork and a duck wants to replace Father Christmas. Originally, le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes (The Big Bad Fox And Other Tales) was a comic strip written by Benjamin Renner, based on stories he first began inventing for his family when he was just 10 to 12 years old! The film is a series of funny and simple tales, a far-cry from the traditional blockbuster movies!

There really is something for everyone in our selection of summer films this year!

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How to help your children sleep better during a heatwave

How to help your children sleep better during a heatwave

What can you do to help young children sleep better and cope more easily with very hot weather? Below, we present a few simple rules to follow.

Why is hot weather so hard for babies to cope with?

In a heatwave, daytime shade temperatures can sometimes climb to over 35°C. Spells of very hot weather like this are extremely difficult for babies. That’s because their own thermal regulation system, designed to keep the body at a constant temperature, is still immature. Babies and young children also find it difficult to retain water, which means that they can very quickly become severely dehydrated…

What can you do to help your little one sleep better during a heatwave?

It’s not easy to keep bedrooms at the ideal temperature of 19°C during a heatwave. So you need to try to cool the room down before bedtime.

Close shutters in the morning and then open the window an hour before bedtime… provided, of course, that the outdoor temperature has become more tolerable!

Beware of air-conditioning and fans, since they tend to dry out the air. Children need moist air to be able to breathe correctly. Instead, use a water spray or moistened flannel to cool down them down at bedtime. If they are over 6 months of age, you can also wake them up during the night for a drink of water.

How to recognise heatstroke

Does your baby have little spots? Is he/she red? Does he/she seem to be crying or fretting for no reason? Give him or her a drink immediately. If their temperature is normal, give them a bath as a precautionary measure. However, if their temperature is above 38°C, or if they are vomiting or have diarrhoea, these could be signs of severe dehydration. It is very important to consult your doctor or a paediatric emergency department immediately in this case.

Children are extremely sensitive to very hot weather. Follow a few simple rules to make sure they remain properly hydrated and help them sleep better during a heatwave!

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REMI, the customizable sleep coach for your child, will be available very soon!

REMI the customizable sleep coach for your child

Want to help your kids get a good night’s sleep? How about giving them their very own customizable sleep coach? The good news is that REMI, the smart, multi-function bedside clock, will soon be more widely available! Read on to find out more…

A smart bedside clock for children from 0 to 10 years

Urban Hello’s REMI is your child’s new sleep companion. REMI’s numerous functions help kids sleep better and feel secure in their bedroom. An all-in-one connected baby monitor, night light, sleep coach, alarm clock and bluetooth speaker, the clock is the ideal beside companion for kids from birth to the age of 10. It offers a high level of flexibility for setting bedtimes and wake-up times. Finally, the REMI baby monitor can be easily controlled using a dedicated app, from anywhere in the world. A great way to reassure little ones when their parents are away from home…

REMI is launched: a challenge successfully met!

For the Urban Hello team, launching REMI was a real challenge. What was the biggest hurdle? Without doubt delivery of the first Indiegogo backers. Users were impatient to test the product and sometimes had to deal with difficulties related to the stability of the server. Fortunately the problem was quickly solved. Now the REMI adventure can continue!

REMI more widely distributed

REMI will soon be on sale in stores such as Conforama, Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Carrefour, Auchan, LICK, BHV, Galeries Lafayette and even Pic Wic.

And the icing on the cake is that REMI has just been selected by Zagatub, the Butagaz incubator. As a result, Urban Hello will receive made-to-measure support to further boost the promotion of REMI. Watch this space!

For peaceful, restful nights, give your kids their very own sleep companion: REMI. A cleverly designed, practical and stylish product!

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